Jark presents... ULTIMATE KYLIE: THE COUNTDOWN (now #8)

Moopy trolling Jark after years of troll countdowns.

What goes spinning around, comes spinning around
Come on Jark, we wanna be Getting down, riding all the (vegas) highs....
Jark just wantsa go out, dancing!..

Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah :(
Jark at the thought of interacting with this thread:


I had to be ruthless, twenty minutes ago when I sat down to actually make this list so I could begin this countdown.
a top 50 can only contain fifty songs, so I gave six the chop. big sorry loves to these songs!

Please Stay

RIP to a slinky banger. Please Stay was a classic when I was a baby Kylie gay, and I still enjoy that beach bar in Spain feel to it. the final look/setup in the video is camp as tits :disco:

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Where the Wild Roses Grow is obviously REALLY MAUDLIN in a very delicious way but it's a once a year kinda depressive treat for me. saving it for Christmas.

Did It Again

Did It Again is a great song title. I'm not convinced she really did do it again with this song, but that terrible chorus vocal does have its strange charms...

Like a Drug

I was a longtime Like a Drug truther, but in truth it doesn't go quite hard enough. a shame as it's got all the ingredients. the X2008 version however was everything!


ooh, you've gotta hear my confession. I believe it's long overdue. the first verse on this is peak Kylie. overall an innocent, joyous song that she sells the shit out of.



Confide in Me

loads of iconic reinventions on tour, but I don't really stan Confide In Me in original form. top 50?


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