Love Island (Winter) 2023

The Scottish girl is fun to listen to, but surely Tom cannot possibly be thinking about coupling up with her.

I can't see it, but then, last night's episode felt like it was throwing Sammie under the bus by showing just how sullen and aloof she is (she's dreadful).

Poor, ridiculous Lynda. Zero screen-time last night.

Very sensible if true.

Much as I'm watching this series, it definitely feels like it's spreading the Love Island brand too thin.
For all those apparent haters of Laura Whitmore, they haven’t been turning up in their droves for Maya Jama. :(
2 seasons would be fine if this Winter one was a bit more experimental. They cannot expect us to be interested in instabores twice a year (with this one blatantly being whomever isn't good enough for the Summer edition).
Isn't the fat old bastard version launching later this year as well?
That was FANTASTIC! Who put 50p in Layla?! She had something to say for nearly every recoupling then was weirdly mute when it came to Jessie and Will :D
Bloody hell at Layla thinking she was Ricki Lake on play and repeat (all the while looking like a young Big Angie). She must have lost her nerve when seeing some genuine emotion from Jessie, but the heckling at Casey and the blonde girl was just amazing nonsense.

Tanya really played that wrong, almost trying to leave the door open with Shaq. The back and forth with them really could have been extended with some better prompting from our host (who came as S Club Tina I see - if you get it you get it :disco:) Martin sounded nervous and unsure - perhaps it was more Tanya's open ended statements throwing him somewhat.

Living for Liv is no surprise, but her ridiculous responces to Kai was another sublime performance. Her stone cold strut into the villa with the mise en scene of flames and a row of side boobs and under boobs was already iconic let alone the subsequent death smirks and glares galore. May she get as much screen time in the next episode as possible.
This episode was EVERYTHING. After losing interest rapidly this season this served me each little tasty morsel I have been longing for.
Considering Olivia and Kai both recoupled, their sitting/standing there sniping at each other made ZERO SENSE.

The winner of the evening was clearly Jessie; she handled the revelation about Will and Layla with such dignity. And, to be honest, I think Will redeemed himself as much as he possibly could have in that situation, rather than using the "it was a test" excuse.

I think Martin just wanted IN to the villa. I'm not sure he's particularly bothered about Tanya and Shaq. But yeah, she came out of that spectacularly badly.
Jessie is the best human in there. She seems to have the biggest heart, and seems so kind and warm. She HAS to win and steal the 50k for herself.
I agree with everything that has been said. It was such a WTF moment when Olivia walked in with Maxwell yet had a go at Kai for recoupling with Sanam. What was the alternative? Her walking in with Maxwell and seeing Kai single? :confused:

Tanya walking in with Martin yet saying to Shaq she was still open to a relationship with him also made me think you have made your bed of nails, now lie in it.
I don’t think Sammie is getting enough credit either. She hasn’t jumped in to anything, and although she spoke with Ryan she was always clear that it wasn’t a thing and although she got know him didn’t lead him along. She seems to have good morals, and I really like her after Casa Amor.
Olivia needs to give herself a SHAKE. Her having a go at Kai again because he re coupled when she did the exact same thing is beyond narcissism.
Tanya is also coming across TERRIBLY and it is clear Martin isn’t even interested in her at all. When she was having a go at him for not listening to her when she is sitting talking about her ex not wanting to keep options open with her? ANOTHER NARCISSIST.
They’re all dreadful apart from Jessie, win the show with Will hun and steal the money please!
It actually angered me Ron acting like he is such a good guy that he stayed faithful to Lana when we all know if the casa girls had of been more attractive/attracted to him, he would have been all over them!
It actually angered me Ron acting like he is such a good guy that he stayed faithful to Lana when we all know if the casa girls had of been more attractive/attracted to him, he would have been all over them!

Oh Ron is an absolute tool. I don’t mind Lana, but she so blinded by Ron it makes me feel quite sorry for her as he WILL cheat when they get out.
I think Olivia and Tanya are judging their popularity to be far greater than it - probably - is, because I think they genuinely believe the audience will be on their side as powerful women. But they both just look a bit stupid. Olivia often seems to say things ("I'm a girl's girl") that she thinks the audience would want to hear, despite that never coming across in the way she acts. Plus Sanam seems LOVELY so far; an absolute trade-up for Kai.

I am OBSESSED with Layla's dress sense. Turning up to a breezy, casual picnic wearing a top that her tits are literally falling out the bottom of :D
Ron absolutely did egg on Tom. I hope movie night edits together him telling Sammie no with his words of wisdom to Tom about bringing back another girl as a safety net.
Can one of these girls just tell Tanya how it T-I is? I don't know what that means other than the B-52s song, but you get the drift. I'd have no patience for this and just blurt out exactly how I felt - and in the context of being on reality TV, didn't no one get the memo for this type of thing? Honestly.
A poem? Good god, this chump can barely manage a conversation.
Did Tanya say to Martin he would be 50/50 with Shaq before being picked? Because I don't think the would have been up for that. Both guys should just leave her to it and I'm not even a fan of Shaq.
I wonder if producers have put Tom up to this. It's abysmal and good lord if Sammie falls for it.
Cannot believe what I've just watched with Tanya's speech: apologising for humiliating Shaq in front of everyone all the while now doing it to Martin. Good god girl get a grip. I had previously thought Shaq was the narcissist, but clearly they both are (albeit different ones).
I find Tanya's behaviour a bit psychopathic. Seriously. It's beyond delusional or self-obsessed.

Anyway, I hope movie night delivers. I anticipate the following will get their comeuppance:
  • Ron - They have got to show that clip where he tells Samie he never encouraged Tom to re-couple at Casa, and then cut it into the precise moment where he did EXACTLY that.
  • Olivia - Forgetting Kai's name will probably come up. But I'd be happy for ANY of the clips where she's dragging the girls and then telling them to their face that she's got their back because she's "a girl's girl" to be shown.
  • Casey - Surely that whole end-scene tonight was set up for Claudia to see him say that he'd still be with Lana had she not picked Ron instead.
I'm not sure I want/need to see any clips of Will and Layla. I think Jessie seems quite fragile at times, and I'm not sure it'd in her best interests to see whatever it is they were doing in bed. However, I do think if they're going to show anything, it would do her well to see the way Will apologised to Layla for getting carried away because that conveniently seemed to get forgotten about.
That would be the perfect episode from this lot. Lord knows Sammie and Tom's dead air drama diaries will also get another airing.
What a joke, 50 minutes in and we're only just getting Movie Night beginning. Liv mentioning Kai for half her date and then making sure to say the date blew her date with Kai out the water in front of Sanam is not exactly great TV if no one is going to challenge her on it. Kai is just as bad if you ask me - if you're going to take the high road you don't go around telling people so that in his case Liv finds out he wanted to say she was the least trust worthy. So yes, this leaves 15 minutes tops, that's ridiculous.
This should be the entire episode. We could have waited one more night.
Okay, extreme to put it like this, but they have former contestants who have suffered depression and even suicides, but they'll show a clip of Casey basically repeating what a girl was heavily suggesting to him in order to stir up drama? Ugh, this show is trash.

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