Melanie C returns - Melanie C (2020 album & singles)


Cheese and pickle?! Basic...
Jun 7, 2004

I like the song, the video is inspired, but could have been done better.
Oh Christ alive. Alright, you were well famous and I'm sure it was genuinely a psychological trip but read the fucking room, pet. Not now, eh?
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I'm ok with the video really

yeah in terms of expectations its as good as it should be

I had this exact video of an art gallery of old images for Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' song incidentally. Menly robbed my mind!
I admire her persistency though.
High Heels was alright I Guess if QUITE niche.
I hope the proceeds are going to lesbian yoga and bulimia survivors. The video is heroic. That first shot of the Muriel Gray woman has just made my year. Song is her best since Northern Star. Not bad Mel, it only took you 20 years to reach 8/10 again.
A good song and almost a great video. I think it woulda been cool to have had all of the Melanies get in a huge fight or something.

Her recent output kind of reminds me of a female Will Young?
High Heels was not the thing at all but this is a really good song. It does have a bit of the Richard X Will Young about it, with only slight foghorn.
The idea that she has a museum's worth of iconic looks is... quite a concept

And then acting like the Kappa trackies and high pony was just one LEWK among many, when it's frankly the only one anyone cares to recall

I mean the bleach-blonde dyke cut from 99 and the SLOB chic of the early 00s also stick in our memory, but for all the wrong reason. Someone FIRE whoever curated that exhibition.
This is the best solo Spice thing to be released in about 15 years.
I'm APPALLED we've gotten this far in the thread and no one has ventured into sharing their MENLY TOP 10 songs but hang on, Moopy will surely hate me for this so here we go

1. Feel The Sun
2. Closer
3. Northern Star
4. Melt
5. Think about it
6. Anymore
7. First day of my life
8. I turn to you (Album)
9. Yeh Yeh Yeh
10. Ga ga

sure a bit Northern Star heavy, but isn't that a given :eyes:. I had to go to her Wikipedia entry cause I couldn't remember some titles I just knew how to hum them.
I'm not sure I can manage a top 10 off the top of my head as it's been a VERY LONG TIME since I was a loon for Menly but let's give it a go

01 Enemy
02 Beautiful Intentions
03 I Turn To You
04 Next Best Superstar
05 You Will See
06 Never Be The Same Again
07 On The Horizon
08 Think About It
09 Northern Star
10 Carolyna

Enemy is still not on Spotify. What the fuck?
The more brash synthpop of the original probably fits her better but this isn't a bad alternative:

oh Red Girl Records must have SPLURGED out a pretty penny, James Corden is (unfortunately) high profile in the USA.
She really is the new Madonna loves
I blame Ellen.

I was thinking the new Galleon (So I Begin).

I do like her Geru story though. I'll bet she used to leave cakes outside her room as well.

I do just hear "c'mon have a go if you think you're hard enough" whenever she sing-sneers. Not pleasant to listen to at all outside of providing interspersing make-do black woman vocals on Spice Girls tracks propelled by too much personality for you to care that she was merely providing a mere gesture of them.

Daybreak it is for dear Melanie then :(

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