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Apr 28, 2005
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Please use this thread for all your moderation requests - including deletion, splitting, polls, merging etc etc.

Do NOT PM individual people. There are 10 moderators and your request will be dealt with quicker if you post here.


[/*Edit by the management*]

You know, for merging, deleting, splitting, that kind of shenanigans.

Cause it AIN'T been happening recently.
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The Cold Mountain thread needs splitting.

The Velvet Rope threads need merging.

Sorry, we do not mean to offend :(
Sorry, I just didn't understand what you meant! I do try and check most threads, but it can be difficult sometimes :shy:

Shall do it now.
I'm not very good at splitting threads, so I don't often BOTHER

I usually only respond to requests, and most people do that in the relevant threads
I'm at work now and peopleare looking everywhere so I was going to do the Cold Mountain/Marmite actors/directors one tonight.
The velvet rope one, you want the poll in Classics and the discussion thread merged? And then in to the classics forum?
I'm at work now and peopleare looking everywhere so I was going to do the Cold Mountain/Marmite actors/directors one tonight.

I'll leave that one for you, you'll probably split more appropriately than me :D
Well perhaps a direct appeal to the mods like this rather than guesswork and ESP then.

Exactly! There is a list of mods on the front page, if you specifically alert one of them they won't ignore you. If they can't do it themselves, they will get someone else to do it.
Just sticking it in this thread might be easier. That way you don't have to guess who can or can't do it at any particular time.
individual requests might run the risk of getting lost in one ongoing thread.

We could have a thread per request with the mod fixing it locking the thread on completion. That way:

a) some sort of audit log of what has an hasn't been done at a glance
b) post count goes up!

Can we put a REQ tag like we have on Celebdaq? Like the OT: one.
Yeah i'm quite happy to do anything, but we need information!

i don't see why an ongoing thread in the FF wouldn't work
Yeah i'm quite happy to do anything, but we need information!

i don't see why an ongoing thread in the FF wouldn't work

It would, I just reckon individual threads which you then lock would be more efficient and watertight. Go in forum, REQ thread unlocked means action to do.

We could encourage our wonderful bods here to be on the lookout for splitable topics too!
Lets try with one thread first, I know some people on here are really reluctant to start new threads! Also if there is one particular thread like that, I know I'll always check it anytime someone posts in it.

If there are any probs we can do indivusual threads!
Give me the names of these people. I WILL SLAP THEM.


ok for requests, in the actual post where the request is made, edit in something saying "I've done this now" in bold?
It is quicker to just add a post than it is to start a new thread to be fair... though your solution is much neater Widge. I guess let's see how many requests you actually get to see what makes the most sense.
Sorry to grumble but please do you think somebody could move the Little Boots thread back to the pop forum? I'm not sure why it was moved to Dance in the first place.

Also is there any chance a mod could split off the posts in the Leona Lewis thread from when the I Will Be video was posted to a new thread for that single. I really hate long artist threads, mainly because when you try and search for stuff in a few months time you have to wade through a huge 400+ reply thread to find it. However this might be something that I dislike personally so feel free to ignore me if you don't think it needs doing.

I know Star has been banging on about the Leona thread in particular for quite a while. I agree that mods and admin need to be more keen about splitting things, but equally everyone needs to be less hesitant or lazy about posting new threads. Some people will bump a thread that hasn't been posted in for months or even years rather than start a new one. And I think people are then more reluctant to read it because they don't want to tackle a thread already into umpten pages.

And as for three requests for a poll, if that IS the case then clearly a mod hasn't seen it, so obviously it's best to directly request someone. I certainly don't see it as my job to check every thread to see if things need splitting or polls need adding, so I don't expect every other mod does either.
Leona thread split. And I'm almost inclined to close the other thread :D
Oh cool, FANKS lolly

I hate rules, particularly on online forums, but maybe it could be a kind of unwritten rule that when a major artist releases a new single a new thread is started for it? I mean it doesn't apply for everybody, certainly the likes of Ladyhawke etc only warrant one thread, but the likes of Rihanna, Leona, Christina Aguilera etc probably could do with a new thread per single. It just makes the whole place a lot neater for one thing.
Is it possible that someone can make it so the thread creator can edit the title of their own thread so something such as what Moonbaby is asking can be done without any hassle?
I'm not sure, but I THINK Star looked into that before, and it can only be done by everyone or not at all (outside of the permissions of different user groups like admin and mod etc).

If not, it's not a bad idea at all.
the Suomi Appreciation Forum still hasn't been set up, is there any reason for the delay? :confused:
Pink thread changed. Although that's another one where people seem reluctant to post a new thread and stick everything in it instead.
it is just convenient to keep it all in one place. i dont think there's mass appeal for threads on the videos for the singles.

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