Moopy Banner 2021

Aug 3, 2009
Been some discussion of this, but I think we need an updated Moopy banner with some UPDATED ICONS.

Certainly time to remove the Epstein reference, the Beast and whoever the fuck that is below Gaga and Annie Lennox that no one asked for.

I know Dua is obviously essential and WHERE ARE STEPS? I think the poll didn't quite work last time. Maybe we go with obvious Moopy icons and the representation from all the sub Moopy fanbases - Eurovision, Housewives, Drag Race, even ASFM etc.
Yurii and Margo, obvs.

IMO Kylie should remain front and centre. Anything from the ICONIC Disco imagery.

Madonna in the milk bath is a must.

If Moira from Schitts Creek isn't a Moopy icon by now then WHO IS?

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