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Out of interest what is the origin of the name, if it’s some pop culture reference it passed me by :shy:

GNL works. I’m not a fan of long usernames for some reason so I approve :D

Lana Del Rey described herself as the 'Gangsta Nancy Sinatra' in an interview (although she denies ever having said it), and I thought that it would be funny if instead of Nancy Sinatra, it was another ICONIC NANCY.

But I haven't seen Nancy Lam on TV in QUITE SOME TIME, the word 'GANGSTA' makes me cringe, there's ANOTHER Nancy on Moopy, and so I thought maybe it might be time to MOVE ON :(
but how will it amass the necessary 18+ votes while the others get none? :D
I added the other option but realised this was probably a terrible idea :D
fka nancy lam is a FABULOUS user name :D Pls change to that.

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@Ag i meant to say, with the new upgrade it seems that we get user tag suggestions after only 2 letters now!
Might change my vote to 'Keep Gangsta Nancy Lam' for shits and giggles.
can everyone who voted option 1 please vote option 4 instead
I really think moopy should take some time to examine the case of the poster CURRENTLY known as Gangsta Nancy Lam.

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