Next stage of lockdown and egg related chat

Sorry everyone but I am going to do this and you know you want me to


This has made me feel queasy. :(

I'd love some Lebanese delivered but we're out of the delivery zone.
Proper chip shop chips, soggy but with the odd crispy bit, drowned in vinegar. *floods*

My local chippy is open but the chips are SHIT. I think it’s only possible to get decent chips up north or by the seaside.
This may be evidence that I have finally lost sight of "the plot" but this just broke me up laughing. It's one step away from "your mum" but I am absolutely gutting myself. :D :D
'madonna shouts at pencil' a tag in the daily topic SKINNED ME ALIVE about 10 minutes ago.
I’ve just ordered an Indian to alleviate the terrible isolation, suffering and cheese omelette, chips and beans withdrawal symptoms, mainly because I can and also I’m past caring whether it turns up riddled :disco:
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I'm finishing my project of encoding the entire studio works of The Fall to mp3 so I can jeep the whole lot onto my new phone.
Poor Lenny. Never to have a star in Moopy's Hall of Fame.

I'll send him a card.
Wasn’t he involved in ‘Justify My Love’? I would check Wiki but I’ve been too busy farting with laughter at that “fucking rubbish” tag
Learning how to do poached eggs was one of my lockdown goals. Maybe I'll attempt for LUNCH.

So easy. Just have a frying pan of water slightly bubbling and drop in for three minutes. Sod all the techniques to make them look perfectly shaped
You mean a saucepan? And don't you have to use a slotted spoon to keep them sort of together? *realises I could just use google*

Only need to cover the egg really so I do a frying pan as I am impatient :D
Yeah slotted spoon to get it out of the pan and prevent getting your toast soaked in water :D
Oh I did poached eggs for thr first time recently, it was good but I needed to do more practice.
It's no wonder half of you are talking about yr poo in the daily thread if you go through this number of eggs.

All I'm saying.
Update: one egg fluffed up everywhere, the other one was okay but both yolks were too HARD. Not terrible for a first attempt though.
Up to THREE is fine, but I’ve heard that if you eat SIX a day, the babies hatch inside you and peck at your internal organs until they all turd out and you almost certainly die :)

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