No Doubt About It is the fourth single...


Take it or leave it
Feb 3, 2004
The Cinema
A-list on Radio 2 today.

It's nice enough and I guess they're being very diplomatic about showcasing Frida and Agnetha equally with the single releases, but it's bizarre to me that they're just leaving When You Danced With Me on the shelf...
It puts Frida 2-1 ahead in terms of lead vocals, with one shared.

Seemingly no word regarding a physical release.
Pleased that Radio 2 have A listed it immediately. Little Things went from B to A, didn't it?

Obviously it's not going to do a thing chartwise without a physical single, but if it can help Voyage hover around the lower end of the chart a few more weeks that will be something.
It would be good if they were keeping Danced as some kind of finale for the campaign. It really is very special, no doubt about that.
I keep going past the venue on my way to work for the show - they've put ABBA on the lil arena now and it looks amazing at night

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