Post an iconic Big Brother moments of yore

Jun 20, 2006
In anticipation of what's to come in 2 weeks.

A lowkey one but this day really demonstrates what a shambles of a person Lea was
The episode where they were just sat in boxes :D


So many to count here:
Aisleyne :disco:
Her hair :disco:
The triumphant way she yells "fourteen!" :disco:

This of course led to countless other iconic moments in this series, right up to the moment Grace was evicted.
"you're certainly no lady, Grace"
"Neither are you, you moose!"
I can't find the clip, but when Michelle and Emma went into the secret house and Emma got so excited her tits fell out.

What a delicious eviction! ā€œDavina please donā€™t take any more of my friendsā€ ā€¦ the complete shock of the house who thought she was the favorite to win (she might have been early on) but fuck was she annoying and those BOOOOOS to her repeating Happy Happy House was the icing on the cake!
I genuinely loved that series. Lee Ryan being so painfully unaware was TV gold.

Me too, Lionel Blair was in leather gyrating around too in this series wasn't he. Bit of a forgotten but classic series. I remember constant rows between these two also:

They HAVE to do a Celeb BB come January on ITV2 surely? Dame Lizzie is ready.

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