Post an iconic Big Brother moments of yore

Oh you need to click the link. It's Liz Jones pretending to be depressed.
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That was a brilliant/ awful series. You ended up rooting for Katie Hopkins. Obviously a grade A cunt, but she was a good housemate.
The fact that she didn't win was the icing on the cake. She was so bothered.
Most of my faves are from the celebrity ones

When Jackie was evicted

John McCririck: If she hadn't been here i'd have been out
Jackie Stallone: I got news for you. If i'd known you were here I wouldn't even have showed up :basil:
Lots of discussion of iconic moments in the latest episode of this cool podcast

Ooh I will listen to this. I was inspired to make this topic after rush listening to this fun gay podcast that has recapped the first 7 UK BB series
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No videos needed, stills shall suffice. Equality, work, women's liberation movement and the biggest its in Huddersfield.


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