Post Covid-19 predictions

As someone who grew up in the countryside, I love city life, but I would love to see the importance of postcode for job opportunities disappear and London lose its stranglehold on so many jobs.

A part of me doubts it will be allowed to happen because it would mean that entire markets would be ruined, London house prices will be in free fall if/when it becomes commonplace to WFH and have no requirement to live in or be able to commute into the city.

I’d love to see smaller towns get unique high streets full of independent shops.

oh and suddenly Corbyn’s internet for all doesn’t sound so laughable. It’s as essential a commodity as water and electricity.
I wonder what the long-term repercussions will be on international travel. Until EVERY country has it under control, there will be restrictions on travel. When will we be comfortable booking international flights/hotels in advance again?
With almost no cases here now, we’re 95% back to normal.
There are still a fair few people working from home, but other than that things have gone back to normal. People are back shopping in the usual places, everyone has all but abandoned Zoom etc.
Work from home/Work from anywhere for those who can - you won't be able to put that genie back in the bottle.
To expand on the point I wanted to make last night but couldn't be fucked to type.

As bad as it seems now I think by summer the numbers will drop thanks to immunisation, both vaccine and herd based. When that happens pretty much everything will go 'back to normal' in the UK at least.

I do believe there will be a medium to long terms shift in how urban spaces are used. Businesses will be trying to consolidate losses by giving up unnecessary office space, a lot of retail businesses will have died off but others will spring up, we are after all a nation of shopkeepers. As much as some people are fleeing out of urban environments the market prices will drop for things like rents and that space will attract young people.

The biggest change, without a snap election, will be in public services. Say goodbye to everything but the bare minimum from government and local authority. Anything community based will be axed. It's already happening.

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