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The Last of Us
Aug 20, 2005
Yeah I’d seen some casting call adverts on Instagram a few weeks a go. Very exiting and really missed it a lot.

Queen of the Bay

Ding Dong
May 12, 2009
North Persia
So far have watched the episodes of the first season up to the checkpoint of Uzbekistan and realized that at least for the part of the transportation am familiar with, they've taken quite a lot of "artistic liberties", for example in reality there never was a ferry operating from Piraeus to Çeşme or any other international destination, the closest they could have all got with the ship they chose to travel with would have been Chios island. Also when dad and son miss the bus from Çeşme to Ankara, we get a shot from a bus departing the station, however that specific bus is one of the buses that operate near Delphi. Another thing is that the teams who chose one of the ferries that operate from Italy to Patras, would have come to find that the local bus service to Delphi operates 3 days a week so it doesn't make much sense that while they were the last two to arrive in the first checkpoint, they did so with only a few hours difference, unless they got extremely lucky. Also there is no train that operates to Istanbul for more than a decade, so it didn't make sense how the remaining couples just popped in Istanbul without further explanation. But other than that I'll keep on watching mostly because of Shameema who's my favourite until now.

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