Random deep/disco/funky/piano house tunes

Apr 30, 2004
I need somewhere to post all the goodness as commercial house is back (again)

David Morales has done a remix of THAT song and it's GAY AS FUCK :D

Pretty sure that's the piano riff from When Loves Take Over as well, not sure if that's lazy or inspired. But I quite like this. Mostly just because it's classic Morales and that lady can SANG

Oooh I love this. It's also admittedly the only one I stopped at because I can't deal with a rubbish thumbnail like this.

This one is a few years old but it's just been added to streaming with some new remixes... this is the best one though. Groovy deep house. And it features the fabulous Stephanie Cooke on vocals

funky this thread is a BLESSING

I am in another plane of existence right now and this soundtrack is precisement what the doctor ordered
really liking this melancholic house/synthwave/edm fusion remix


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