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Feb 3, 2004
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A hugely important election count taking place right now, with centre-left former President Lula da Silva widely expected to defeat Trumpian über-cunt Jair Bolsonaro.

This matters to all of us because four more years of Bolsonaro would basically be the death knell of the Amazon rainforest.

I saw the other day that Neymar was pro Bolsonaro :manson:

Another reason why Brazil shouldn’t win the World Cup next month
I've been keeping a fairly close eye on this one. Last time I looked the polls had tightened a bit, but Lula still looks certain to win. Even despite Bolsonaro, Lula was a pretty decent socialist president before and I view it as a good thing anyway.

It's been a horrible campaign with murders (primarily of Lula supporters) and Trumpian style threats where Bolsonaro has said he won't concede. His sons are fucking nutcases too.
It's currently neck and neck with 66% of the vote declared. Hopefully Lula can get over 50% in the first round to avoid a run-off.
Has it had a similar Trump trajectory where the moderates have realised what a nutcase he is and hasn't been able to commit to any of his bizarre populist claims, while his core base have doubled down?

Hopefully he loses and it doesn't get too messy because Brazil is WAY less democratic than the US is.
Only because fascist’s most popular areas are counted first. Lula remains the heavy favourite.

EDIT: Sorry, yes, it’s still closer than it really should be though. Silly people.
Apparently we should have the final result within two hours.

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My (gay) friend, Nilo, moved back to Brazil earlier this year and when I asked him who he voted for he said Bolsonaro. I replied with laughing emojis and said “esta brincando?” (are you kidding?) and he’s stopped replying. I think he’s cross with me. If he did vote for him I’d be genuinely interested in the reasons as it’s not in line with his personality.
I hope you don’t think any of this means that Bolsonaro will actually relinquish power.

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