Spice Girls Reunion

I really WISH they’d have a bash at some new music right now (yes, I’m STILL talking about that).

There is a shedload more passion and investment from them ALL this time around. I fail to see how they couldn’t turn that into something HALF-DECENT.

I didn’t see the tour (for SHAME) but as an onlooker there is a huge difference between their approach this time compared to ROTSG. Last time it was all a bit DOUR and attempting to put a more mature, distanced spin on the classics whereas this time they have literally thrust themselves back into Spiceworld.

Now is the time, ladies.
Hmm, not sure I want new music.

They are fabulous on stage and the music is great, but it's of its time. I'm not sure anything new would be really any good at all.

Hopefully they do hit Australia - they missed out last time when it was cancelled (well, every time as they never performed down under) so it's about time.
I have my reservations about new music, but surely it’s worth it if there’s a chance of making their Tears on the Dancefloor?

I mean who could have imagined that Steps could have pulled off such a triumph 16 years after the fact?
On the one hand I’d love new music and for this to continue forever

But I just don’t think they have the vision to pull it off

Unlike Steps, the Spice Girls were supposed to have been been heavily involved in the creative process. I just don’t think they have anything to say now.
I like the idea of new material in theory but we've had three songs in the years since their last studio album and they're all not very good
I think more than anything, the chemistry between them has fizzled for any new music to sound good.

Whereas All Saints have retained that coherency much better I think.
No to the first.
Yes to the other two.

They often come across as "I'll pretend to like these broads for the paycheck and attention" to me. But I'm not really a fan to begin with, so I was never really rooting for them to reform in the first place.
I actually cannot believe how good this was. Astonishing considering I was fairly underwhelmed the last time. The atmosphere was seriously electric throughout. Viva Forever was an absolute moment...!!
I have just went back and had a listen to Song For Her, and although the verses are terrible the bridge and chorus are GREAT. If this is what the Spice Girls sound like in the 21st century (Headlines never happened, OK?) I am definitely on board for new material.
Yeah Song For her has potential with some Mel C input and a bit of beefing up
anyone up for some concert stats?

(taken from denden)

The 13-date tour grossed $78.2 million (£98.6 million) and broke their own record previously with The Return of the Spice Girls Tour (2007).

Spice Girls has also become the only girl group in history to gross more than $9 million in a single concert.

The 3-sold out nights at @WembleyStadium, London, grossed a total of $27.6 million in ticket sales ($9.190 million average).


$78,203,580 Total Gross ($6,015,660 Avg.)
697,357 Total Tickets (53,643 Avg.)
$112.14 Average Ticket Price
13/13 Reported Shows

• Wembley Stadium, London: 221,971 (100%) - $27,571,100 (3 shows)
• Etihad Stadium, Manchester: 150,955 (100%) - $16,507,300 (3 shows)
• Croke Park, Dublin: 74,186 (100%) - $8,070,740
• Ricoh Arena, Coventry: 69,748 (100%) - $7,168,390 (2 shows)
• Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh: 55,211 (100%) - $6,038,050
• Principality Stadium, Cardfiff: 50,215 (100%) - $4,716,720
• Stadium of Light, Sunderland: 45,429 (100%) - $4,512,900
• Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol: 29,642 (100%) - $3,618,380
How many sales did the picture disc get in the end?
It is nearly four weeks since The Spice Girls’ Spice World tour came to an end but their Greatest Hits album – No.2 on release in 2007, and No.16 five weeks ago – catapults 113-15 after being released on vinyl for the first time. The 12-inch picture disc – which comes with a download code – accounted for 2,502 of the album’s 3,489 sales last week, and tops the vinyl album chart.
Mel B is on The One Show talking about the new Spice Girls animated movie which all 5 are taking part in. Not sure how I feel about this one.
I really don’t need an animated movie.

I’m not sure why they just don’t go tour the world instead

The entire final show has leaked, although it's a direct feed from the sound and cameras in the arena. Apparently it's going to need A LOT of work before an official release...
Fingers crossed Geru pitches the best/worst of her unreleased Disco Blister project (or whatever it was called).
Please someone report that photo of them to the police. That inexplicable SLACKS ENSEMBLE with peaky shoulders on Mulny C! The collar, bow and cuffs on Bumton! Geru’s SLIPPED HIP!

Officer! Officer! MY EYES! :shock:
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