Survivor UK (Back after over 20 years away!)

Just starting watching now. There seem to be two episodes on Sky+ - is tomorrow's show already available?

Not sure whether I love or hate then referring to Joel Dommett as JD yet.
Yes, just finished episode 2.
Nicely they’re putting it up on streaming here the next day so I don’t have to find it illegally.
Not sure about the low production values so far but otherwise a good start!
OMG this is so cheap! Like seriously what the fuck was that immunity idol.. a very crap bedazzled log! 😂

I genuinely enjoyed both season ITV showed and have followed every US season (and most other English speaking ones) but I don’t have high hopes for this based on that first episode because they seem like quite a drab collective.
Joel Dommett seemed to do a lot of quite unnecessary commentary in the first episode. Sometimes better seen than heard.
Perhaps my expectations were low, but I enjoyed it more than I anticipated, amd was on the whole pleasantly surprised by the production values. But I agree that immunity idol was NOT IT.

I'm guessing the commentary, which did feel a bit excessive, was because a huge chunk of the audience won't have watched any of the international versions, or the UK from a generation ago.

I'm not getting a huge amount of drama potential in terms of the contestants yet, but early days. I hope we get a bit more strategy and double crossing, and not people sticking to alliances and 'integrity'.
I seem to remember this was on first, and then IACGMOOH started after? I just assumed instead of civilians they got celebrities instead. I don’t think I ever watched it.
That's very low considering how many viewers it inherited from Strictly immediately before, but not the death knell it would have been 10 years ago if people come to it on iPlayer and it gets the younger audience who the BBC need more of. I think the Traitors only overnighted in the 2 millions too, right? At least to begin with.

I watched ep 2 earlier and think I'll be in for the duration :o
I'm not sure I know what 'good' is any more, but yes, my feeling was that it isn't great. I've seen people post that the combination of the rugby opposite it and it being Halloween will have dented the audience, so let's see how it does on catch up.

If it ends up below 4m I find it hard to think that it won't be thought of as disappointing though.
I don't see Survivor as Saturday night TV, they should have put it on midweek - in place of Celeb Race Across the world
I agree that I think midweek would be a better fit for it. I wonder if they decided to have the two episodes a week, and then the opportunity of having it follow Strictly both days just became too attractive to resist.
Proud of Leilani and Matthew redeeming themselves in that Immunity Challenge tonight. :disco:

The divides forming in La Nena already is quite amazing. It's going to be interesting to see the inner workings amongst the tribe going forward. Even though they've won more than Caleton, the camp atmosphere is way more unsettled.
I thought it was really really shit but I’ve been spoiled by years of really great seasons of the show.

My biggest problem is Joel Dommett to be honest. I think he’s a decent presenter on The Masked Singer but his constant perma-grin/gurn does not suit this show and his puns are just so so annoying.

But also taking it completely to basics with no advantages whatsoever (which I think is what they’re doing) is a real shame. It feels like they’ve got 23 years of international versions to look through and pick the best bits of but went.. nah let’s just do it EXACTLY how it was in 2001 when it was a complete disaster in the UK.

The first episode felt like there was zero strategy - or if there were alliances built the producers thought we wouldn’t want to see that.

I will no doubt watch (And I think episode 2 was an improvement on 1) but I’m overall very disappointed.

And that immunity idol big reveal 😂😂😂
I went in with such high hopes too because The Traitors UK I think is the best version out there so I thought the BBC were gonna smash this.

But once again, it comes down to host selection I think - Claudia is easily the best Traitors host I’ve seen and Joel is easily the worst Survivor host.
I didn't really like how the teams were given names rather than choosing them.

Or were they worried a British team would name themselves Teamy McTeamface or something?
I think it's always been like that, at least in the USA version and the previous UK seasons. They are allowed to name the tribe themseleves when it gets to the point the two tribes merge to one tribe-individuals phase of the game.
I didn't really like how the teams were given names rather than choosing them.

Or were they worried a British team would name themselves Teamy McTeamface or something?

They’ve always given them names in all versions of the show including the original UK one I think.

(Sorry didn’t see the exact same post already from Haiku…. 😂)
I'm guessing the twist in the preview for the next episode is we're due a tribe swap after the next elimination?

I would guess it's more likely
that they find out they're voting someone over to the other tribe rather than out of the game. That's a common Aussie Survivor twist.

Episode 3 was better again than the previous two but... I kept thinking that there was a chance that
Lee was gonna go home. But I realised towards the end that if he did go home then it meant bad editing from the production and if he didn't go home then it meant terrible playing by the players - there were at least 5 of them that said they were ready to vote Lee out, so if they actually talked to each other about it, he'd be gone rather than Rachel - and he single-handedly lost them that challenge with his shit shit 'the men can do it better without the women' strategy. He is an awful awful human. The only good thing about him staying is that his comeuppance is going to be sweeter the longer he remains... (though if he goes at the beginning of the individual portion he'll just say they voted him off because he's 'strong' rather than because he was SHIT at the game, which he is so far.
SO pleased that immunity idols are in the show though. I was worried they'd gone so far back to basics that they'd ignored 23 years of development of the game. This episode was so much better.

Though man these players ARE SO SO BAD at voting strategy, at challenge strategy. I feel like none of them have done ANY research of this show whatsoever.
Oh didn't know Episode 4 is up already... will watch it now!
Caleton are a really annoying tribe to watch when it comes to vote outs. They are OBSESSED with challenges. They just don't get the long term game AT ALL.
I wonder if the BBC will suddenly start showing it like they do with a few other international versions of things

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