The Carla12 Memorial Scrapyard (Sponsored by ChatGPT)

Carla12, a name that softly rings,
A memory whispered on the summer breeze,
Though time may pass and fleeting life take wing,
Your essence lingers, borne upon the trees.

Your laughter's echo dances in the air,
A joyful tune that warms the winter's chill,
Your gentle touch, a tender, loving care,
A guiding light that lessened every ill.

Though tears may fall, like rain on parched-up ground,
We'll find our strength within the seeds you sowed,
In kindness shared and laughter's joyful sound,
The love you gave, a gift forever owed.

So rest in peace, Carla12, and know,
Your light still shines, where'er our spirits go.
A stout lass named Murphy named Bridget,
Could bake soda bread no one could fidget.
With a flick of her wrist,
And a pinch from her fist,
It rose light and fluffy, a magical widget!
Here lies Proplant, who bravely embraced euthanasia, finding peace amidst suffering. May their courage and choice inspire understanding and compassion.
I’m wish you wouldn’t remove them before I’ve had a chance to click on their HANDY LINKS !
In Leicestershire's fields, so green and fair,
Where travelers roam without a care.
From Leicester's bustling streets to Hinckley's charm,
Each town holds tales, a traveler's balm.

Through Melton Mowbray's savory delight,
And Ashby-de-la-Zouch's medieval might.
@leicestershire_travel, a journey divine,
Through history's tapestry, a story's fine.

From Loughborough's lively pace to Market Harborough's grace,
Adventure awaits in every place.
So, pack your bags, let wanderlust unravel,
For in Leicestershire's embrace, we find our travel.
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In the vast tapestry of the cosmos,
A thread Carla12 did weave,
Her essence, a dance of stardust,
A legacy she did leave.

Though her physical form has faded,
In the annals of time, she’ll stay,
A beacon of memories treasured,
Her spirit guides us on our way.

Through the fabric of time and space,
Our connections forever bind,
In each heart, her memory embraced,
A love that transcends the mind.

Carla12, a soul so bright,
Her journey here, a fleeting flight,
But in the stars, her light still gleams,
In endless time, eternal dreams.

So let us hold her close in thought,
The lessons and joy she brought,
For in the universe’s grand design,
Carla’s memory will forever shine.

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On Scotland's streets, a tale unfolds,
Of @Brian Mcculloch Glasgow, as history holds.
A man of power, a leader bold,
In the world of drugs, his story is told.

A multi-million-pound gang, his domain,
Bringing misery, and causing much pain.
But justice came, with a surveillance sting,
Revealing the truth, the darkness within.

A life of crime, a ring of steel,
Surrounded by fear, the truth was concealed.
But the law prevailed, the gang was caught,
Their empire crumbled, and their deeds were fraught.

Now McCulloch's name, a story of old,
A cautionary tale, of greed and gold.
In Glasgow's heart, his legacy remains,
A reminder of the cost of ill-gotten gains.
In the heart of Canada's prairie land,
Where golden fields stretch far and grand,
Lies the @Manitoba & Saskatchewan Marketing Board
Where tales of agriculture's wealth are stored.

In the dawn's embrace, farmers rise,
Underneath vast prairie skies,
With hands that toil the fertile ground,
Where bounteous harvests are oft found.

With wisdom passed from age to age,
They tend the earth, their heritage,
And in the Marketing Board's guiding hand,
They find support across the land.

From wheat fields waving in the breeze,
To canola blossoms, bright as these,
The Board's care ensures fair trade,
In every transaction, deal, and trade.

With markets sought both far and wide,
Their produce fills the world with pride,
And in the heart of every grain,
Lies the story of their toil and gain.

So here's to Manitoba and Saskatchewan's pride,
Where the Marketing Board stands by their side,
In the tapestry of Canada's story,
Their legacy shines with boundless glory.

In the echoes of the night, a somber melody unfolds
Lost in the winding path, memories forever hold
A life extinguished, a flame flickered low
In the depths of solitude, sorrow's undertow

[Verse 2]
Through the veil of darkness, we bid farewell
To a soul departed, in whispers we compel
Gone but not forgotten, a presence lingers on
In our deepest thoughts, a requiem for the one who's gone

Oh, AustinB, your journey's end draws near
A solemn tribute to a life that brought both joy and fear
In the quiet moments, we gather to reflect
On a life that once was, and the memories we protect

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