The Gilded Age (New Julian Fellows HBO Drama)

I hoped for a second there that SAD OLD MARIAN had been forgotten from the poster all together, but pleased at least she’s been SHUNTED to the back to make room for the REAL STARS!
Mr Russell looks very attractive in that poster.
They really should’ve brought the evil slutty servant back somehow, as god knows I don’t care about any of the rest of the HELP. Although given we saw none of them in the trailer, maybe we’ll be spared their horrible side stories that inevitably revolve around them going on some sort of WALK.
Isn’t the wasp eater in the trailer kissing DADDY in some kind of summer house?
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Well I loved that, right from the opening FANCY HAT MONTAGE to Bertha's ultimate stunt queenery at the end :disco: Even the wretch Marian seemed better!
It was a struggle trying to remember who’s who.

Marion teaching watercolors? What a fucking dullard. The new man they introduced for her is meh.
The Peggy storyline was very sad, but it did feel like a bit of a cheat to end last season with her finding out about her child and wanting to find him to then immediately jump to OH HE DIED :confused:
I think it’s on par with the show’s approach to story telling.

The homosexual got beaten up and the next scene his romancing Ms Russel without so much of a blemish.

Also still can’t get over that the mother and daughter are like 10 years apart in real life.
Teaching watercolours! The drama!
Mr. Russell can smoke cigars in my face all fucking day long!
That ending! How much money do the Russell’s have :D

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