The Great British Bake Off 2023

Can confirm I'm 100% more likely to watch this year
Oh what a perfect casting
I only know her from the occasional tiktok but she’s such a delight.
The programme will be much improved by having at least one presenter who will react to the contestants rather than be preoccupied with their predetermined gag.

I read something about how the production team are planning to try and address some of the criticism of last year's series too (ridiculously complicated challenges and increased meanness for starters).
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I thought I’d be all about Matty this series but I’m absolutely in love with Dan. He just flashes that positivity and massive smile and I’m all his.

Overall I think the casting is decent with lots of likeable people.

Alison feels like she’s been doing it for years.
Alison unsurprisingly was quite the glow up for the presenting team. It all felt very familiar and comfortable. The technical challenge was a cute idea.
I thought it was fairly boring for a premier until the showstoppers. Daddy Dan is a highlight but the 2 younger guys are also interesting.
I've only just found out Alison is hosting this. I'm totally ready for my Bake Off comeback - a TV antidote to doom and gloom if ever there was one.
I didn't watch the opening, but I actually remember the 2015 and 2016 series (when Nadiya and Candice won, respectively) which correlates with the viewing figures :D 🍰
I was sad that they didn’t go all in on the beaver jokes.

‘Tell us about your beaver. Well, it’s sopping wet and covered in matted fur.’
Are there any gays this year? Rowan I'm guessing, but who else :o
Well of the final three that was the best result. I quite enjoyed the underdog story.

The BRUTALITY of "adequate flavours" and "on the way to boring" for showstopper critiques.
I had him down as a mid series flop but fair enough. Cute to boot too.

I thought that show stopper for the final was on the boring side though, I guess it was about it being relatively simple and then needing to knock it out the park?
I really thought Josh deserved the win, liked Matty though
Worst "showstoppers" ever! The only highlight was the lardy cake technical 😍 Reminds me of childhood family holidays. WANT SOME NOW
Can't Paul and Noel fuck off as well, please?
How does that work for the normal series if she's staying on for that? Or is it after the next normal series she's leaving that too? Odd

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