The Moopy Moderator Election 2023 - Nominations Thread

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I really hope that Bev is only gone temporarily - one of the most insightful posters on this site, and someone I'm very glad to call a friend.
I really hope that Bev is only gone temporarily - one of the most insightful posters on this site, and someone I'm very glad to call a friend.

I agree that it would be a massive shame and I hope Bev’s self-imposed exile is very much temporary.
Augusto Pinochet and Robert Mugabe said to be "mad keen" on a comeback, even if it "just Moopy".

Pinochet had apparently set his sights on Buzzjack, but he was rejected :(
I really really want someone who can represent the FUN side of moopy. The mods are all great fun, but they're not always fun mods. If that makes sense. Yes we need rules, we need to protect people, but we also need to protect our unique culture.
moopy is losing its unpredictability and natural chaos. .
I think I understand what now needs to be done. I see the bat signal and I am going to save you all.
A moderater has just told me that once the confidence vote begins they intend to publicly raise major concerns about me being a mod, because several posters have privately PM'd said mod saying that they're concerned about me having a mod role. The mod is concerned that long term posters will LEAVE if I become a mod.

They also informed me there's a ten page topic about me in the mod forum. They also referred to shit from 15 years ago!

It was sent to me, as part of a conversation I started about certain behaviours I found stressful. Clearly intending to get me to withdraw and frankly just to be unpleasant.
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I won’t be voting then. Not because I was or wasn’t going to vote for Ag, but because that makes a mockery of the whole process.

can we just go back to being a fun forum please?
Fwiw from the last time I posted here regularly, Ag seems like a completely changed character (or at least some walls have come down?) .. this is a good thing and I’ve appreciated his contributions to the thing in the other forums *cough*
It was me (surprise surprise!).

I won't post what Ag sent to me, that's his prerogative, but it was about my comment earlier today referring to his past behaviour with inner smile. As I was going to raise this anyway, I might as well put it here now and let you judge for yourselves. It probably was worded harshly but it's been a very long day. Either way, nothing I said was untrue from my perspective and it wasn't meant to intimidate him, he asked a question and I answered it.


I don't have any personal issue with you but, if I'm completely honest, I think you being a mod again would be a very bad idea, and I've had a a number of comments from posters in private who feel the same way. It's not just the inner smile thing, that's only the latest in literally 15+ years of you bullying posters, insulting them, in some cases driving them away from the forum altogether.

I accept that you're not as much of a loose cannon as you used to be, but all I can say is that there is a ten+ page thread in the mod forum made up of various occasions when you've caused us headaches with your behaviour just from the past 3-4 years. No other regular posters have that. I'm not the only moderator who views the idea of you coming back with trepidation.

You have every right to run and the way things are going there's a good chance you'll get back in. If that's the case, I promise I will keep an open mind and make every effort to work with you constructively. But I'm sadly pretty sure we will lose posters as a consequence, as there are people who have flat out told me behind closed doors that they would not feel comfortable with you being back in a position of power. As a heads up, if nobody else does, I do intend to flag my concerns again when it comes to the confidence vote. I don't know if you realise how much you still intimidate a lot of long-term, prolific posters who don't say anything because they don't feel it's worth the inevitable blowback they'll receive.

If you still pass the vote, and I think there's a very good chance that you will, then Moopy will have made their choice and I and everybody else will deal with it. As I said, I'll be cordial and I'll hope to work with you constructively. I'm sorry if this comes across as harsh but it's been a long day, and I just want to be as transparent and honest as possible.
I've spent half my life on here. If ever there was a space where I've visibly grown and learned from my mistakes, it's here. I'm not fucking perfect, I still get frustrated and still lose it once in a blue moon. And I understand and accept I'll never win everyone over and that's fine life goes on.

I actively discourage stress these days. I don't need that shit. I'm a professional, in my 40s, who contrary to some voices is a proper grown up. I use this place and love this place to unwind, seek direction, learn, destress, have a laugh and yes it sometimes goes wrong. I'm only standing so I can help tidy up the forums if necessary, because I consider it a duty. There's no ulterior motive.

Trying to sabotage me is quite something. I wasn't even that bothered, but now I feel I have something to prove. I will always be having something to prove it seem on here. How depressing.
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Jesus Christ VoR. I find it very difficult to ever be critical of you these days, but what on earth possessed you to send that?

I won’t dissect it other than to maybe defer you all to the post Kate made less than a day ago asking (paraphrasing) “people who have something to say should nominate themselves to be a mod and do something about it”

I didn't want to post it, but for context this was my initial message.
I felt I needed to broach the following with you, as I'd rather not have this ongoing forever.

For whatever reason, whenever any inward looking shit occurs on here, you, and please don't deny it or ask for examples, can't resist taking a swipe.

I've come expect it and honestly I don't expect us to see eye to eye, even though I don't have any particular issue with you, aside from this.

You stated this has been the toughest 24 hours as a mod. So why on earth did you choose to take another swipe? First of all there is nothing ongoing with myself and Inner Smile. I can't remember my last interaction with him, I've stated I don't want that to interact with him anymore and his most recent argy bargy had nothing to do with me.

You may have missed all this and that would fine, if you weren't a mod and you weren't commenting on it. And then to dangle "I don't think that was racist" as if there's a slight possibility that might have been racist. I understand the context but COME ON. You carefully chose your words and you use them well. I'm often quite admiring your abilities. So please don't pretend there wasn't intent to hit my reputation. This pissed me off, I responded and then you ignored me. Play fair.

For the record admin have contacted me about Inner Smile before I have received the lightest warning possible about provoking. I accepted it and we are where we are.

There is a possibility I'll be a mod soon. If that's the case we'll likely be dealing with this sort of shit together. I can't speak for yourself and am more than willing to talk this out, but I really want to draw a line. We're fucking adults now, I don't need that petty shit in my life.

I realise this has probably come across as fairly aggressive, because it came from a place of frustration and I expect you will perceive it that way because of 20 years of experience and frankly evidence. But really I just want to post on here without the stress that you're going to bring something up to ruin my day.

Fin. Over to you. If you want.
I’m at the gym and I’m trying to switch off but it can’t as I feel compelled to say - @GinAg (39) just put this down to your murky past coming back to bite you which it was always going to do from time to time, you’re still a top poster and contribute massively to the forum even if not everyone agrees with what you say or how you say it sometimes (including me). If it means not getting nominated or getting a bit of flack from the mods it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. It comes with rebel territory.

I still think the mods do things with good intentions even if it doesn’t always land right. And we can’t all like or be liked by everyone.
I'm absolutely astonished to the level of which VoR has attempted to sabotage me. It wasn't even casual, he had absolute intent to fuck me over. You don't have to want to me as a mod, and I'm more than half way expecting to lose anyway, but it's just BIZARRE.
I’m a bit jealous if I’m honest. I bet they haven’t made a ten page thread about me :evil:

I don’t think VoR being transparent and saying he’ll raise concerns when the time comes quite amounts to sabotage
Also an interesting take when you consider nearly everything I’ve posted about in the last 24 hours has been in defence of SOMEONE ELSE.

God strike me down!
But whatever really. It's hardly breaking news that VoR would like to see the back of me. Everyone has a right to reply. We both did. Only 5 dead.
Twice in one topic VoR has tried to pass his pushy snooty opinions as fact. Feel lucky @GinAg (39) at least he passed comment on you via PM and not discreetly in the mod forum.

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