The Real Housewives of Potomac

Feb 3, 2004
Let's get our Potomac discussion on. I need S6 in my life already.

One of the fan blogs was speculating yesterday that production have been in touch with Monique in an effort to persuade her back.


Her being BEGGED back, would give her a bit more confidence to stand up to the green-eyed bandits.
I really think Gizelle is going to come down on Karen like a ton of bricks and get her revenge next season.
Karen shading Gizelle ALREADY, I believe filming has started on the new season - hopefully this will be a major plot point :D

Is this the second time Karen has referred to Gizelle having a drinking problem recently? It's not an accusation that has been thrown at Gizelle so much previously as much as I can remember, certainly not in comparison to the likes of women on The OC anyway...
It feels so soon but oh it looks so good. Gizelle V. La Dame :disco:

It really feels like Candiace has RAN HER COURSE now eh. Maybe this will be her last season :disco:

I thought the new Housewife seemed GREAT for the small amount we saw? I'm into her being more Gizelle/Robyn's age than another scrappy young newbie.
It would be great to even out the power dynamics by giving Karen an ally than can go head to head with Gizelle/Robyn too.
Karen vs Gizelle has the same energy as MOORE MANOR vs CHATEAU EMPTEÉ aka messy, airy shade somewhere between cloudy and FULL ON ECLIPSE.

Which is my favourite Housewives energy.
My blessings are many and my patience is none :disco:

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