The Tory Girls

I genuinely have no qualms with their political persuasions but don't make a fucking SHOW of it.
So, here's a story from A to Z
You wanna get with me, you gotta be a Tory
To be fair apart from Geri have they ever been that politically showy?

That's a bit of a clickbait opinion piece by the looks of it...
Although Geri saying "Feminism is bra burning lesbianism, it's so unglamorous" - did she actually say that :zombie: what a twat
To be fair apart from Geri have they ever been that politically showy?

That's a bit of a clickbait opinion piece by the looks of it...

“We Spice Girls are true Thatcherites. Thatcher was the first Spice Girl, the pioneer of our ideology – Girl Power.”

Unless Geri conducted the Spectator interview (in 96) on her own, clearly the rest of them raised no objections.
In another interview with the Independent in 1996, Horner once again sang the praises of Thatcher. “Thatcher had ideals all right,” Horner said, while the four other band members concurred. “We love Maggie!”
Geri's very much one of THATCHER'S CHILDREN. I think, in her neck of the woods, Margaret Thatcher represented opportunity and aspiration, and an altogether very different thing to what she represented to most people in Liverpool or Scotland.

She quickly switched to Tonty Blair when that was in, although it's understandable that she's back in the blue now she's in her lady of the manor era.

I think it's probably quite unfair to colour the entire band as Tories because Geri (the most Tory of them all) happens to be a motormouth. You can see some of them SQUIRM when she starts on about Theresa May and coming together post-Brexit in that interview with Dan Wootton from a few years back.

That said they all spent the nineties as tax exiles so lock 'em up with Shakira and Gary from Take That and THROW AWAY THE KEY.
Are they really using quotes by them from the mid-90’s? These are girls who barely had any education at all. They probably liked Thatcher because she was a ”strong woman” which suited their fantasy/narrative, and probably had no idea about what her policy was.

However, it’s obvious that some of them are Tories today and that’s upsetting but I don’t think celebreties should be cancelled now because they vote ”wrong”?

(I’m however going to burn all my VB cds for the ugly Europhobic shit she said :evil: )
Wherein I found out that Lauren Laverne called them "tory scum" when asked about them in the 90s :shock:
I totally agree with what @GNL is saying but I always reject the excuse that people grew up somewhere and that’s why they are who they are. I know it happens but people are supposed to have independent thought and self awareness and at some point you learn what’s right and what’s wrong

Yes I grew up in Liverpool but I grew up in a middle class neighbourhood, we never really struggled in the true working class sense, I went to university, I moved to London and made money. I’m a Tory dream, but I’ll be fucked if they ever get a vote from me.

If you vote Tory you’re voting for yourself. It’s not a girl power thing or economic thing or a police thing. You just want lower taxes and/or less immigrants.

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