Should there be a Traitors subforum?

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I support this, it will keep things tidy, especially as it is crucial to have lots of threads for spoiler reasons, and international versions mean we will have plenty of content to talk about if we so choose.
Maddy sub-sub-forum now
My fantasy celeb cast

Mata Hari
Lance Armstrong
Pope Alexander VI
Mya Hindley
Milli Vanilli
Jussie Smollett
Rita Ora
Thomas Markle
Hilary Clinton
Ghislaine Maxwell
Guy Burgess
The White Stripes
So John is also an actor too….. he’s also been in EastEnders! And Taggart. His Westie is called Beryl.
It has made me laugh seeing so much on social media about this cast being refreshing because they're 'REAL PEOPLE' and not influencers. Most of them work in the media!
Apparently Wilf is a self described influencer on TikTok
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Bit parts on Eastenders and appearances on Blankety Blank don't really make them less suitable contestants though. A small bit of knowledge of how a TV show works, hardly makes for an embedded media career.

That being said, I have great idea for a series 2 contestant.


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