When are you switching your heating on?

I think I want an overhead one. And it was Oodies I was looking at, but am not sure they are worth the extra compared to Next etc. Are they particularly plush and luxurious?

I haven't seen the Next ones but the Oodie is very soft and fluffy, and quite huge. It was rather pricey for an indoors item but the plan is to wear it a lot!
Put it on earlier, just to test the radiators. May be safe to leave it on for a bit, just to make sure it can warm the entire house appropriately. And then leave it on, for the cats, you know.
Our heating has been on for about a week and a half. But not every day. It's still 'off' and then turned on when we want it.
So far yes. But for November this must been the warmest I’ve ever known.

It has been terribly mild and rainy here from the second week of November, but has started to get cold again this week. Snow is even possibly on the horizon at the beginning of next week.
We put our little oil filled radiator on for an hour yesterday to dry some washing, but because we are south facing with large windows, and it was sunny, our flat was boiling for most of the day so we didn't really need the heater on.

I am tempted to buy a long hot water bottle tho!
Is it cold down South just now? It has been bloody freezing here all day. Freezing fog, and down to below zero tonight. Needless to say the heating is on FULL PELT. 🥶
Mine has been put on a few times for an hour or two.

No heating today, a fleece and the (allegedly) thermal long johns are sufficient.
Finally back home from icy Berlin where the hotel was either extremely frugal or the energy crisis is a fact there… and here we’re having massive snow so the floor heating is on and it’s above 25° inside, and I can’t lower it down.
Still just the odd 30-60 minutes of the oil radiator in the morning maybe once a week when it gets super cold.

So right now are you sitting with a blanket/cover or do you have something on to keep you warm? It’s bloody FREEZING.
We've kept ours on for about 4 or 5 days now. Even switching it off for a short while, things got very cold, very quickly.
It is all meant to get incredibly mild starting a week today which I am kind of furious about. I WANTED A WHITE CHRISTMAS.

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