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  • Hey sweetie, hope you're still alive. Enya's new album out sometime in the future, hope you will be here for that xx
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    20 shepherd’s moons will have been and gone before Madame decides to grace us with more recycled goods. (That’s Enya, not Marilyn.)
    Oh that looks fantastic just from the cast. Caroline O'Connor from Moulin Rouge, Alex Dimitrithingy from Heartbreak High and Head On, Genevieve Lemon from Neighbours and Jane Campion's first film AND Andrew Lees who play's Pete's bumchum in Not The Boy Next Door.

    We used to get a lot of imported Australian tv shown over here in the olden days, usually starring someone who'd popped in Neighbours at some point. Hardly get any now.
    Hola. Did you happen to watch the TV extravaganza of the year Not The Boy Next Door: The Peter Allen Story starring Rebecca Gibney from The Flying Doctors as Peter Allen's mother? I watched the first half and it was quite good.
    haha NZ is almost too LAME for that to happen.

    Where in Australia do you live? I've always planned on moving to Melbourne at some stage.
    Used to a lot when my hole was a RAGING BEAST who feasted on cocks daily. Now I'd never do it.
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