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  • I saw an advert for a thing about obese shut-ins, that'll probably scratch several of my itches :eyes: What else is there?
    so what are Nicole fans called? fans = us :disco: Please don't tell me it's something awful like Nicolettes (that sounds like chewing gum)
    Nah, a friend offered me tickets but I'm far too busy with flat moving stuff this weekend :(/:disco: Are you going?
    Randy Blue may have gone to the DOGS but I've fawned a couple of times over Jarec, Angel Santiago, Lance Luciano and of course king Diego (who gets girlier by the second and puts me off a bit)
    Sadly not, unlike Branislav Ivanović I haven't found any youtube videos dedicated to the arse of young Mr Henderson.

    He looks like the Dancing on Ice gay from Hollyoaks, but a bit more butch.
    I thought it might be something like that :( Try a binge if you get a free weekend, I think you'll like this series - there are a pair of ludicrous vile gays who keep accusing random other coachies of gameplaying :disco:
    Let's be honest, you're not meeting ANYONE :eyes: Or you'll meet everyone BUT me...
    No I just find it really funny and I'm not quite sure why :D I think it's imagining anyone with a Glasgow accent saying the phrase "des res"...
    "GH DES RES" makes me do an actual laugh out loud every time I read it :shy:
    I think I just LOST TRACK around the time of the last rerelease, so decided it was easier to just go off her instead :D
    OMG read THIS as soon as you can I think it's managed to get me firmly back on the Minaj train :disco: :disco:
    It's all about for porn these days for me. I'm tempted to splash £20 on errr… splashing. Just go on a massive download spree then cancel.
    Do you know I've not looked at their site in SO LONG - I used to be able to do a trick with the downloadable scenes and a firefox extension :horny: That might be a task for this evening...

    I wore a suit for my graduation, and the robes we had to rent went over the top. Here's a non-hot picture :)
    I don't like anything involving EFFORT, but I'll try it until it gets too much. Famous last words :D
    I've decided that becoming a proper muscle cub is literally my ONLY OPTION :(
    Queens as in GAYS? Ew, I don't really think THAT should be allowed (unless it's us :)). I basically want the coach filled with Nicki & Amanda x6 :disco:
    I've not managed to catch any of it yet :( Are there any (presumptive) Coach Trip Queens on it?
    Depends on where you want to go. Some clubs sell them well in advance. Some do them in bunches and add some more after a few weeks, others sell them all at once.

    Check the website of the home team of the match you'd eventually want to go to regularly and you should be fine. Just give me a shout out in case you do plan to attend anything and I'll look into it!
    Yeah, it was a good one. Not sure I like the result or the ref being too much of a coward to send Dante off of the pitch. Still - overall a good match. Predicted a 2-1 for Bayern, so I'm happy about that I suppose ;)
    YAY, MSN is gone though. I have to be using Skype which is a right CUNT but whatever it takes to talk to you again

    It's PRETTY BIG. Yeah, really dominated the press over here both during the middle of this week and last week. :D

    And amusingly enough, they'll be playing each other in the Bundesliga on Saturday, so that should be a fun indicator. I reckon the overall assumption is that it's Bayern's to lose though. And that's mine as well (not that I'm a Munich supporter by any means but they're the stronger side taking everything into account).

    Plus there's been LOTS of discussion about Goetze going to Munich, Bayern president Hoeneß' tax evasion and so on. Probably the biggest football has been outside of World Cup or Euro in a while.
    Oh I DO HOPE SO :D He should just come out if he is though, nobody's going to care about a gay REF (except us :bad:)
    Are you watching the FOOTBALL? I don't normally indulge but that sexy bald ref is on :horny:
    Yes, I did mention it a while back when we were talking about phone insurance. I'll check it out later, thanks.
    Thank you Percy, it's nice to be appreciated even if I'm not as good as I used to be
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