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  • And counting? :D

    ARTPOP promo budget: $25 million
    BJEAN promo budget: 25 cheetos bags

    oh and

    Britney Spears: 105 million albums
    Gaga: 25 million


    It's JUUSTTST.. that I CAN'T watch us BLEEED TO DEAAATH!
    I WILL #WANK FOR GAGA #WANKPOP whilst laying in a see through catwalk made of plexiglass and sticking a disco stick up my chuff #ARTPORN

    We will be disgusting, hungover, coated in glitter but delighted to seeee you xxx
    Only a bit of daytime I think. I don't think we'll stay any longer than 3pm or 4pm due to the 7 hour trip back.
    You're not going to SURVIVE this month. You can choose whether you'd rather restage Paparazzi or Bad Romance in terms of passing away.

    It's a promise xx

    p.s.: We're probably going to fuck off from St. Pölten early on Sunday so plan is (might be) to head to Vienna that day. It's only a one hour drive from there, so we might as well HEAD OVER.
    Apoca doesn't hate you, he does what he is told. And he won't murder you either cos I need him to drive me to the airport and he can't do that if he's in jail

    i am coming with apoca, we're going to frequency festival, but probably going to hit up vienna for a day trip! how far is that from you?
    you gotta make a burger

    but i am veggie and don't eat burgers, so we can make dog food instead (a more fitting end) xx

    Let's go and re enact the Telephone video. I'll invite Neil for pancakes x
    By "the album", I am sure you know exactly which album I mean.

    I know we don't always see eye to eye (lol) but I feel we have bonded a bit over our mutual adoration of mother monster.

    Anyway it has come to my attention that moopy poster Neil has downloaded the album illegally. If that was not a reason for us to bury the hatchet and unite against this evil theif, I do not know what is.

    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    Thank you for voting in MOOPYRATE 13. You have been entered into the GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW to be held this Sunday afternoon, 2nd Aug 2009.

    Tune in to see if you will win one of the 13 prizes available :o

    ****************STOP PRESS***************
    ***********NEWS FLASH**********

    Thank you for voting in Moopyrate 12. You have been entered into the £50 prize draw which will be occuring from 8pm this Sunday, Nov 16th.

    Be sure to log in to see if you've won the jackpot or one of the other prizes on offer :o

    *********END OF BULLETIN**********
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