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Dec 1, 2015
Just behind VoR

Fans have noticed that the final track on the album, Ode To Freedom, has a familiar tune. Not because it contains a call-back to a previous song composed by the band, but rather because the song references the Waltz from Tchaikovsky’s ballet, the Swan Lake.
- Classic fM
Its lyric talks about the futility of writing an ode that’s worth remembering, which leaves an odd note, especially when we’re talking about a band whose songs are known around the world.
- The Guardian
“Ode to Freedom” concludes Voyage with delectable hints of cynicism and solidarity. The eerie string instrumentals build up to some foreboding lyrics like “I like to think that freedom is more than just a word,” which tells us just exactly how the band feels the world views freedom as a concept.
- The Young Folks
Good Lord, Gammons are going to eat this UP! It's giving us very Take Back Control energy but I can't help but stan!
- Loufoque
6th listen on this one and i finally get it!
- alib, Golden Member
I’m perfectly content with the Brexit analogies considering the lyrics are about how impossible it is to write an Ode to Freedom that everyone could get on board with.
- Pingu
Perhaps voters hadn't yet taken the time do digest this enigmatic piece of art.
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Just a Notion is also eliminated (although in 7th place due to a slightly better tie-breaker)

Originally recorded in 1978, it just didn't "fit" that particular album, nor the next one that they could have popped it on, or indeed the one after that one. Fast forward 40 years and it's now deemed as being fit for inclusion on a "new" album and is released as a single.

It feels a bit insulting.

Nobody is going to be considering this as a timeless and worthy addition to ABBA's back-catalogue in 40 years time.
- Mike(y) W
What it does keep going is the sense that they are in no way trying to compete with the burden of their back catalogue - this is almost a shrug of the shoulders to that notion.
- straightorbroken
A throwaway album track from their less cool days. I'm not mad at it.
- Loufoque
A frisky Seventies leftover.
- Rolling Stone
Our patience has been rewarded with a travel back in time: The Swedish legends unveiled their newest track “Just a Notion,” a ridiculously happy romp.
- Vulture
Apesar da canção soar como um filler em comparação as duas canções já lançadas, o single ainda mostra a força do quarteto sueco. A canção é uma leve, alegre e esperançosa balada mid-tempo europop/disco que consegue tirar um sorriso sincero do nosso rosto enquanto escutamos.
- JotaBrasil, Album reviewer
Being in possession of the "Waterloo" rhythm makes life slightly difficult for "Just A Notion". Emphasising the accents in said rhythm for a slightly ska feel makes it harder still. But this is, again, well catchy.
- octophone
Stands out as double-platinum Abba pop, perfectly formed and expressed, harking back to the early hits, with that same trailing of melancholy through an uplifting, upbeat melody. A yearning and a vulnerability runs through it, as it runs through their finest songs.
- The Arts Desk
Just a Notion really is dreadful...
- Sheena, Pissing on chips

Here's looking forward to more 70's releases!

Original version for comparison.
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Vote for the SONGS you want ELIMINATED:

1. I Still Have Faith in You

2. When You Danced with Me

4. Don't Shut Me Down

6. I Can Be That Woman

7. Keep an Eye on Dan

9. No Doubt About It
Ode To Freedom ends up in 8th with more previous votes against it compared to Just a Notion.


7. Just a Notion
8. Ode to Freedom

- Just Like That -
9. Bumblebee
10. Little Things
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J*hnkm officially the new @Helen_S.

It’s tickling me slightly that he feels strongly enough to get rid of I Can Be That Woman (including when Just Like That was in the mix) that he rushes on to try and vote it out every time.
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J*hnkm officially the new @Helen_S.

It’s tickling me slightly that he feels strongly enough to get rid of I Can Be That Woman (including when Just Like That was in the mix) that he rushes on to try and vote it out every time.
well the MO of this game is to vote out your least favourite.
:oi: You cold blooded...

I think the lyrical twists and Agnetha's voice are fantastic in ICBTW.

It's good but it's the least appealing of the remaining songs. The only song on the album I actively dislike is Little Things which is ghastly.

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