ABBA Demos & Unreleased: SURVIVOR - ROUND TWO

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  • Here Comes Rubie Jamie

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  • To Live with You

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  • Funky Feet

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  • I Am an A

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  • Get On the Carousel

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  • Crying Over You

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  • Rubber Ball Man

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  • Under My Sun

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  • Givin’ a Little More

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Dec 1, 2015
Just behind VoR

Ricky Rock 'N' Roller

"Ricky Rock 'N' Roller" is a song recorded during the recording sessions for ABBA's self-titled album in 1974. The Swedish rock star Jerry Williams recorded and released it as a single after ABBA had decided their version was unsuitable for release. An excerpt of the demo of the song was released on the box set Thank You for the Music.

Svantes Inferno

"Free as a Bumble Bee" a.k.a. "Svantes Inferno" is a demo recorded in 1978 with lead vocals by Björn and Benny, released on the box set Thank You For The Music. Part of the chorus was later reused in "I Know Him So Well" from the musical Chess.

I'm Still Alive

"I'm Still Alive" is a song performed by the band during their 1979 tour, but was never recorded in the studio. Having been bootlegged for years, a professional recording of this song made at Wembley Arena was released on CD in 2014, thus making "I'm Still Alive" officially available for the first time.

Hovas Vittne

"Hovas Vittne" is a song sung in Swedish, recorded as a tribute to Stig Anderson's 50th birthday in 1981, and released only on 200 red vinyl copies that were distributed to the guests attending the party. The title is a play on words; Hova is the small village in Västergötland in which Anderson was born, and Vittne is a reference to Jehovah's Witnesses. The song includes a four bar passage that was later used in the Chess ouverture "Merano".

Burning My Bridges

"Burning My Bridges" is a country/rockabilly song recorded in 1980 with lead vocal by Björn. An excerpt of this track was released on the box set Thank You for the Music. "Mountain Top"/"Dr.Claus Von Hamlet Nos. 1, 2 and 3" are several demos recorded in 1978 and parts of these were later incorporated into BMB. The composition underwent several changes and [fun] demo titles during the sessions. At one point the demo featured lyrics and vocals by Björn entitled "Mountain Top", and another instrumental attempt ("Part I"), and later reworking "Part 2" (with lead vocals by Agnetha and Frida). Eventually the song was defined as a 'schottis' and put aside until Benny made his first instrumental folk album Klinga Mina Klockor in 1987, where it was named "Lottis Schottis".
Just like last round we'll try to eliminate 5 tracks to quickly get down to those which are worthwhile, if there are ties we might eliminate 4 instead. You can vote for as many tracks as you'd like.

Vote for the SONGS you want ELIMINATED:

Here Comes Rubie Jamie

To Live with You

Funky Feet
Couldn't find the ABBA version.

I Am an A

Get On the Carousel

Crying Over You

Sång till Görel

Rubber Ball Man
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