Former X Factor contestants speak out against the show


May 2, 2004
Misha is EXPOSING the show Live on her Insta at the mo

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Would someone please listen to this INSTAGRAM X FACTOR REVEAL and come back in here and recite it word for word for me please. Thanks. :)
Kitty Brucknell fake tears during a run-in, another one with Little Mix saying they'd heard she said Leigh-Anne had "evil eyes" and that they were shit singers (she denied saying this)

Louis Walsh casual racism "You look like a young Chaka Khan" etc

On Tulisa "This woman had every line scripted before she even opened her mouth."
Nothing earth-shattering really. She's talking about considering suicide and the therapy she's had as a result of her experience on the show.
Kitty just did an Instagram live and she denied bullying Misha and said that Misha did things to her but she doesn’t want to go into it. She said they just didn’t get on at all. The comments section was brutal and everyone was calling her racist.

She said she has messaged Misha to try to sort this out. She also said that the show was toxic and she left the country because she needed to get away from all the negative press etc and is now out of the industry totally.

I watched some of Misha’s instagram live. She’s obviously still not fully got over the stuff that happened. Poor girl.

Louis and Tulisa are getting absolutely roasted too on social media about this. I wonder if they will respond. Misha said that a number of contestants had come to her saying they were told she had said bad things about them - Sami, Little Mix... she denied it all but does this mean that someone at X Factor made it all up?

Louis’ comment about her being a young Chaka Khan - Is that casual racism? If he said that about the black contestants and no one else then perhaps but he said that about loads of contestants, regardless of their skin colour. It was his phrase.

It will be interesting to see how this develops.
Tbh Louis Walsh called EVERYONE a young [insert barely relevant person here]. I remember it being a running gag because he did it so much. I don't think it was racism so much as hackneyed judging.

The way the show presented her as the angry black girl... More racist.
I've not see this yet, but did see the clips she posted as main posts on her page. She keeps her composure well, but you see her not being ready as a man old enough to be her grandmother making the room silently turn against her and it's heartbreaking. If baguette feet Tulisa were so concerned she would have spoken to Misha hobbit foot to woman, 1 on 1, and done it constructively. I'm surprised Kelly didn't use some of that my momma taught me better than that to gain the upper hand more, but you can see even she's lost her patience at them both. Kitty may do well to retrospectively realized that perhaps Misha resorted to stapling her hair to the wall and throwing pickles at her pickle forehead only because she may have had to fight more to get the same attention as a Halloween gimmick act.

Louis may not have discriminated against who he said was a young Daniel O'Donnel, etc. At least he didn't say Aretha I guess, although he did also say Grace Jones.
I watched about 10 minutes or so after dUb posted. Really uncomfortable to watch. I think most people at the time realised to some extent that she was being eviscerated live on national TV for our delectation but went along with it.

I can see why Kitty felt the need to address it, but probably think she had been better not to have done. The hate deserves channelling in another direction other than towards her
Louis was Kitty and Sami’s mentor and Tulisa was Little Mix’s. Misha said that all of them had come to her and said that they were told that they were talking trash behind her back, which she denies. Maybe that’s how it got back to those judges. But the way it was handled by the show was awful.

Kitty said that she just didn't get on with Misha but she didn't want to go into it. Whose to say that Kitty wasn't fed stuff about Misha to get the fires stoked? She was probably just a pawn in the X Factor game just like Misha was. Countless former contestants have said negative things about how they were treated on the show. The whole comment from Tulisa was because there was an argument about sharing bedrooms and she made Leigh Ann cry - Misha confirms that there was an incident where Leigh Ann cried after she confronted Little Mix about the stuff they had allegedly been saying. Now Little Mix are even getting dragged over the coals for this and Leigh Ann is being called racist. It's ridiculous.

On Kitty's live she was getting so many really nasty comments about her being a racist, and a bully, even death threats. Even if she did have issues with Misha, and treated her badly it doesn't make her a racist, does it? The anger should be directed at the show, not the contestants. Misha DID point out the fact that Kitty was caucasian but she only said they had a disagreement on the bus, but that was it, it sounded like a childish thing.
The judges calling Misha out for being a bully and giving her no right to reply was a low that the X-Factor never really recovered from. Louis calling her overconfident was such a loaded statement - and one I can’t imagine them ever using for a white contestant.
Even Misha herself said she thought Kitty had mental health issues, so as much as I can well believe she was a nightmare, piling on her really isn't on.
There's also a compilation of really uncomfortable clips of Louis Walsh feeling up Mel B in a really creepy way on several occasions doing the rounds :zombie: There's one where he is grabbing her butt from behind and squeezing for a good 4-5 seconds, you can see her face going WTF before she starts speaking out and moves away. In another one she snaps "GET OFF ME!" and he laughs it off. It's really uncomfortable to watch. She looks really pissed off and creeped out.
Even Misha herself said she thought Kitty had mental health issues, so as much as I can well believe she was a nightmare, piling on her really isn't on.

Oh Kitty certainly does have mental health issues, she said in her Instagram Live that she has been seeing a therapist for years because of her experiences in the music industry and she doesn't have anything to do with it now. It was quite the uncomfortable watch seeing her. She was asked why she wasn't speaking up and she said she was scared of Simon Cowell and those high up. She said the whole experience was toxic for her.

Misha's feelings are COMPLETELY valid here but I do think that it was a bit unfair to single out Kitty, mention she was white, and then just say they had some sort of altercation, but she never once alluded it was anything to do with her being black. It was all probably because she got to sing Born This Way when Kitty wanted it. I am SURE Kitty was a total nightmare, but what does her being white have to do with it?

They should NEVER have mentioned the bully thing on the show, that was totally out of order. Even if Misha WAS upsetting other contestants, it should never have been brought on to the show.
The whole show seemed toxic from the inside out in retrospect. When Dannii, who was presumably in a privileged albeit hyper-scrutinized position as a celebrity judge, has just recently started opening up about how horrible the experience was the jump, then you can only imagine what it was it like for the contestants who were taken in, toyed with for a headline and then forgotten about in a month.

And it's embarrassing looking back and seeing the way in which mentally ill people and others with special needs were mocked. Embarrassing mostly because we were all completely aware of it at the time but most of the country still joined in with it.
The bully thing was dreadful and Misha was totally thrown under the bus.

Can we not make this more about Syco and the producers and the toxic culture they engineered for headlines, rather than about some of the other contestants, who were just part of the machine?
Flinging abuse at the other contestants is ridiculous. They were all puppets. Including the judges of course, but they are far more culpable and aware of their role in the game.
leave cock slapping out of this
I distinctly remember the video being described in here as "she looks like she's LICKING A BATTERY. Give it some welly!" which is FUNNY cos it's TRUE!
I feel for her, and it's pretty obvious that she had it worse than pretty much any other X Factor contestant than I can remember. The show really did seem to push the angry, black woman stereotype down your throat.
Who could forget her "redemption" performance where she wore white, sung Whitney and cried - to huge praise from the judges. Finally the show had broken Misha B into what the show thought she should be.

From watching a lot of reality TV over the years - what she is saying sounds pretty standard for reality TV shows. America's Next Top Model in particular springs to mind, where at least 1 girl per season (and they were usually black) was picked out to be the "angry bully" character. I imagine with a lot of meddling & whispering from production to stir the pot, which is what Misha describes. It is amazing that it was so rife on TV, and so obviously manipulated when watching back now.
I still think Danyl Johnson probably *was* a smarmy cunt, but looking back he did get the exact same narrative.

Who could forget at the height of Brexit tension, Sharon Osbourne acting like Finland was ANOTHER PLANET, her inability to pronounce/remember the name "Saara" (despite being her MENTOR) and acting like Saara was speaking gibberish despite speaking better English than most of the British population.

Saara had the CRAZY/difficult FOREIGNER narrative all the way until she did that Winner Takes It All performance, which was just too good to be able to mock. Even in the final her narrative was "She might be foreign, but it's ok to vote for her because she can REALLY SING! :) "
I don't think I'd enjoyed the audition rounds for a very long time. Legitimately mocking the mentally ill in front of millions always seemed barbaric.
I do think Misha was wrong to call out Kitty in her video however - she even eludes to her having mental health problems in the video.

I’m absolutely not a psychologist, but it’s pretty apparent she’s a very mentally fragile person who probably has her own similar story to tell about her time on X Factor.

Not Dannii/Danyl coming in at number 2

God, X Factor really was a shit show at times.

Louis says out loud he wants to save Carolynne, only for Dermot to basically spell out to him he is voting the WRONG way :D:DAF:
Somebody I know was a youth worker in Manchester and says he met multiple people who were 'terrorised' by her pre-X Factor :zombie:
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