The Masked Singer - Series 4

Is @cwej watching? Not sure if he would know that Gabrielle was back on again performing as Harlequin singing Beneath Your Beautiful with Rhino.
I’m assuming he was changing his voice as he is a better vocalist than he has been on some of this?
Natalie did very well, and deserved better than third. She has to have one of the best girl band voices that got bugger all leads.
I was rooting for Phoenix to win when I thought he was Jason Donovan, but then in the closing minutes when I realised he was Ricky Wilson afterall I switched my allegiances to Rhino. WELL DONE CHARLIE FROM BUSTED

I thought Fawn was a bit dull, so I resented her getting this far (and further than Knitting especially). Though of course the most important result was that Lulu got voted out at the very first opportunity :disco:
I'm happy with Natalie finishing ahead of Claire. I think I'd have only rated Claire the fifth best singer in this year's contest.

I would have perhaps had Amber in the final ahead of Ricky, but otherwise it was a perfectly fine final.

Natalie sounded better than ever this week. I don't even like Hopelessly Devoted To You as a song, but it was LOVELY.

I do however wholeheartedly agree that the only important result was the VANQUISHING OF LULU
Missed a trick letting it clash with Strictly results show.

I’m assuming they would have had to if they wanted the main show to start at 9. If it was on last night it would have clashed with the main show.
No it seems to be new. I’m watching now and just remembered it’s always best to watch this show half an hour behind l, to skip the ridiculous number of ad breaks.
Back on CHRISTMAS DAY. It’s not usually on Christmas Day, is it?
It’s a Christmas Special with just 4 characters in Christmas costumes.

The new series should be on New Years Day and a trailer was revealed with new characters like

Bubble Kit-tea
Air fryer
Boiled Egg
It's 30th December for the beginning of the 5th series, also skim through the press kit :D

Weather looks :disco:
I also really like the design for Weather's dress 💙
Dido (or even Enya :grin: though Maypole seems more fitting for her with the clue.)
Then again who would Davina consider to have an unmistakable voice? I'd think Dido is quite likely. Also one of her middle names being Cloud would be fitting :)

Edit: New S5 thread here :)
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