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  • I didn't want to say but yes. :D

    Still, Saturday night enternainment feat. Celine Dion yodelling, hell's bells and disastrous alpine fashion choices. Only in Germany, only in Germany.
    Oh lol, wtf. I just checked and I assumed it was them but am SORELY mistaken. I thought the ABC was too big for them. Propaganda is the name of some dull ass indie night apparently. Pah. But the thing is I was sure I saw reformation gigs listed for them in the back of the music magazines fairly recently.. perhaps to go with the reissue of A Secret Wish. Them with La Brücken would really be too good to be true, but I suppose with them it was all about the big construct sonic cathedral records!
    Chrissy, did you see Propaganda live? I was livid when I walked past and saw they were playing, when I was on my way to some play. Ugh!
    Have you seen fairly amusing but predictable romcom What's Your Number? OH CHRIS appears to be naked for half the film.

    I'm having a stroke (SO TO SPEAK)
    hi Chrissy. do you know where to eat out in Amsterdam? I might ask ameraal out :o
    Now that sounds right up my street. Unfortunately though I don't own an iPhone/iPad or other Apple products :(
    it's rather nifty, isn't it? I have it skewed with the iTunes badge added on (also I have my Dock hidden so it's pretty pointless but :disco: nonetheless)
    oh Chrissy :( do you also like the lack of colours in the menu? are you that EASY TO PLEASE?
    Claudia's solo album is on Spotify and is definitely worth a spin - it's very difficult to get hold of the CD of that in any case.

    She's done a fair bit since Propaganda: the solo album, the onetwo stuff plus a collaboration with Thomas Leer called Act (again, nightmare to find info on them with that name). The Act stuff is less electronic and more spikey pop with a cabaret twist. I'm not that keen on it to be honest though there are some good tracks by them.

    She's done guest vocals on quite a few tracks by other artists too. The songs she did with Andy Bell a couple of years ago are both interesting and on Spotify too!
    I had a look on spotify but nothing there either. I'll try to hunt down the mentioned tracks and give em a whirl (I mean, Martin Gore? :disco:). seems like I have lot of catching up to do, I had no idea she'd done anything besides Propaganda. I'll pick up A Secret Wish when I'm back in London, that's where I saw it and I doubt they have it over here, it would surprise me if they have ever been played on Danish radio (local pirate radio in the 80s run by self titled teenage DJ aside). looking forward to investigate!
    I just noticed the Claudia Brücken album you posted in the bought media thread. any gems I need to youtube? x
    Fantastique. I'll have to get hold of a copy in that case. This is what these deluxe editions were made for!
    I can't help noticing that you haven't voted in MoopFest 2007 AC. :hitler:

    It closes today!
    I clicked DOWNLOAD and Civ 4 is going to my laptop. I take it I can just re-download when I get the phone? I was hoping for a Playstation store "THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BOUGHT" button!
    Shit. How do you buy from the appstore without the phone?

    Arse, that means I could have picked up Civ4 for free!
    I will.... WHEN my phone comes in! Sounds better than Beaterator. I mean fairly limited, 2 channels of drums and 6 channels of synths/sample modules... but for on the go, that'll be great. I really hope it deals with WAVs well as I've got stacks to stick on the iphone! Or maybe mp3? I could do a nice 320kbps of my sample libraries to use...
    Oh Chrissie! :D

    I hope people were listening, you could give quite the education on the merits of the Fizz. What songs were you using as examples?
    I'm awaiting your scores in the Bucks Fizz rate and expecting top marks for any songs with Reet on lead!
    wait, is that Propaganda in your avatar? :disco: I was THIS close to getting the new deluxe edition of A Secret Wish the other day (random release much, no?)
    you can call me up/day and night
    all the time
    these fourteen numbers never felt so right
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