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  • The ONLY people allowed in my car are YOU, dUb and the spirit of Loufoque. And even your place is touch-and-go.
    Ha! No, I just thought for a second you liked her and would be interested in a HOT NEW CUT but then I thought maybe you don't.

    I'm so glad SOMEBODY gets where I'm coming from with this.

    *pickets lesbian weddings with God Hates Fags banner*
    I'm so glad SOMEBODY gets where I'm coming from with this.

    *pickets lesbian weddings with God Hates Fags banner*
    SHE HAD A BABY! They're still in hospital at the mo, but I full expect nothing-but-baby statuses from here on . I'll miss the "relaxing". :(
    My second favourite part of it is how when i posted it on Facebook, no one but you and I liked it
    :( Oh darl. Just lay low and let her calm down. Maybe put your headphones on and listen to some music to drown out her banging. I'm sure she'll have calmed down by morning. I once had a flatmate's boyfriend threaten to kill me, my boyfriend and my boyfriend's dog whilst waving a hammer around and I lived to tell the tale, so I'm sure sure it will be ok xxx

    I'm the SAME with MARIAH, OK?

    Anyway I don't need any beef now that we are living in the same area. This is how people get SHOT in London.
    :D She just called the house actually! For my sister who's a) at work and b) doesn't live here any more. :confused:

    She's still very into her "relaxing" though. Apparently it was "nice to see my folks and sister on skype today now relaxing", and yesterday she was "in bed resting up". Another new trick of her's is to always bang on about the weather...
    I'm not really a people person. I didn't meet any housemates until the day I moved in.
    Say you saw a flat tomorrow and like it. You could probably give the deposit the next day, and agree for the move in date to be a week's time, the 11th.

    If that happens, you'll be paying rents for the three weeks overlap. I don't know if you can afford that. I'm a worrier so I was happy to absorb that cost for peace of mind when I was in a similar situation.

    If it takes you longer than a day to find a place (which it will) and/or if you can get the new landlord to give you a longer period of time than a week, then the overlap will be shorter.
    And I guess you could get the landlord to agree a moving in date at least 7 days in the future.
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