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  • What type of slapdash pack leader ARE YOU? You don't know the hand actions? That's disgraceful. I'd rather leave my daughters with ROSE WEST
    You RUDE COW.

    (but ta my darling. I congratulate your powers of remembering. Tell Mr Star that we share our special day with Charlize Theron, Mark Ronson's licky lezbo sister, and the girl who played Sarah Lou on Corrie :disco:)
    I thought i might take him shopping. Tell him he can have any outfit that he wants. Then i'll take him to the Savoy for lunch, and to have a facial and our nails done in the spa there. Then maybe off to see a show? He's not got the best taste in things so i thought Wicked perhaps? In one of the premium price rows, with a bottle of champagne for the interval. And then i'll take him home and give him a spot of head.
    Well we went to Polperro (obviously!), Tintagel, Bedruthan Steps, Newquay, Land's End, St Michael's Mount, St Ives, Truro, Dartmeet, Dartmoor, Salcombe, Burgh Island and Looe. Didn't we fit a lot in? :D

    Of the places we didn't go, top of my list in Cornwall would be Mevagissey and Fowey on the south coast; they were affected by the flood just before we went and that's why we didn't go there. They are pretty close to Polperro otherwise. Then on the north coast Padstow and Rock are meant to be pretty HIP now and I would have gone there had we more time!

    In terms of Devon, I love the North coast around Croyde, Ilfracombe, Clovelly and Westward Ho! way; it's just that that's quite a drive around Dartmoor from where we were. On the South coast, I think we saw the best of what there is in southwest Devon, but if you're willing to go further into Devon, then Teignmouth, Torquay, Brixham, Paignton, Seaton and Sidmouth are all lovely little towns with beaches and/or harbours.
    Sorry, i mean HIYA BABES back. xxx

    I've got some ideas for my page boy's outfit that i've been meaning to run by you actually. Which do you think?

    I guess it's just something to think about! There isn't a right or wrong answer, you just have to do what's right for you both. I assume he's happy whatever you decide?

    Anyway, must go to bed. Night! x
    It is difficult, I can imagine. I think it's the children thing that really messes things up. How about you just changing M to a middle name for yourself when you take his name as your surname? And then you could always give your children it as a middle name or second forename or whatever.

    (I struggled so hard not to type 'Christian name' then :shy: )
    Will N double barrel as well? And what about children, will they get the double barrel name, or just his? It all gets a bit fiddly!
    I just saw you post with the wonderful news.

    Congratulations my love! You will make a BEAUTIFUL bride xxx

    Although i am now betrothed to be married, so the question inside is out of date :(

    GOD BLESS YOU THOUGH, my little serving girl.

    i found that message a bit sinister to be honest. I was fine until i read it. WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING?
    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
    Congratulations on being entered into the Great Moopy Prize Draw to be held this Sunday evening (20.3.2011)
    Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    Lovely! Now, it's not wrapped inside, so you must leave opening it until Monday!
    Don't get funny and disrespect my culture, or I'll put a curse on that funny God of yours with the elephant head :evil:

    You may shortly receive a MYSTERY PARCEL in the post :o

    If you open it before Monday, the baby Jesus will die :(



    You will NEVER GUESS what i returned to find waiting for me - a SONG FOR MOOPY WINNER'S MUG!


    THANK YOU. I will treasure it. Now that i've converted to Islam i won't be drinking champagne from it, and found your note a bit offensive tbh, but maybe i will finally take up drinking tea or coffee. This could be the moment where i finally cross the threshold into being a MAN.

    Thanks for my mystery valentine (om nom nom)

    Don't worry, I'm not assuming it's you. I've sent this to every poster on moopy :o
    oh shit that's just reminded me to forward my parents my new address so that i can get my mail so that i can see my part :o
    I remember you mentioning it in a daily thread a few days ago, but what did we say about Steve's other pair of glasses?
    I didn't care for it massively myself my love, though i really really really think you might like it.
    Aww, you're welcome. I must say I let out a big old roar of laughter when I saw the quite literal use of the tag cloud. GENIUS. But I'm glad you liked it (and even HAPPIER I managed to actually send it in time or rather send it at all. HUZZAH)

    Have a wonderful Christmas day tomorrow x
    Merry Christmas ۞! I love the card.. once again a lovely surprise. Fabulous!

    I was going to suggest as a joke you addressed them all to "Faloola Chong" as we'd all know who it was from. :sup:
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