Caroline Polachek - Welcome to My Island + Desire... (album 2)

Queen of screaming at smartphones.
I’m still feeding off Billions to be honest. Such a unique bop.
all three singles so far have been absolute excellence. this album will slap.
I think I'd prefer "KLANG".

I'm trying not to spend time with the singles, just gimmie the album CP, we need a swimming pool, not a puddle.
album tracklist
  1. Welcome to My Island
  2. Bunny is a Rider
  3. Dang :disco:
  4. Pretty in Possible
  5. Sunset
  6. Crude Drawing of an Angel
  7. Blood & Butter
  8. I Believe
  9. Fly to You (feat. Grimes & Pinkpantheress) :disco:
  10. Rare Beauty
  11. Butterfly Net
  12. Smoke
  13. Billions
Desire, I Want to Turn Into You out Feb 14th


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obsessed with how there are visual references to all the singles so far and presumably the Vesuvius sticker is for Smoke. I can't see Bunny, but then satellite can't find her, so.

not as good as the other three but feels like an album opener
I love this new one. What’s the history? I only know her since Billions. She’s seems to be a 6Music fave but she looks like she could have more commercial appeal than just being an indie darling.
What’s the history? I only know her since Billions.
she was in an indie-pop band called Chairlift, who had a sprinkling of excellent pop moments across a couple of albums

went solo, made an exquisite album called Pang, featuring this iconic synthpop smash

works frequently with Charli XCX and Christine & The Queens (check out Tears and La Vita Nuova), and is about to drop the best album of '23. you're welcome!
I can't believe I completely missed Chairlift but I probably saw the name and thought "good grief, how bad are they going to be with a name like that?" :mor:

There's a Charli remix coming.

Welcome to my island, bitch.
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I fucking LOVE island now, (the original)

I really don’t know how to pigeon hole or label this artist at all :D but maybe that’s the point :disco: she’s just not like anyone else I’ve come across. Is she pop? Is she alternative? Is she banshee? Is she electro? I’m so GAGGED
I've been getting major Sinéad O'Connor vibes from this one. Think Jerusalem.

I'm surprised they've playlisted Island. Sunset feels like the obvious potential smash.
Amazing news. I want this song blasting out everywhere. Hope farmers don't mind their livestock being led out to the nearest beaches mind you.

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