Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (24 March 2023)

This album is still revealing its charms to me. Even loving the interludes now. "Fishtail" is the latest revelation, such a sexy song. Can't get enough of it.

Lately I've been sunning in the LA river bed
Wearing nothing but the summer bruises on my knees
I like how you talk, how you speak, how you look at me

But lately, I can see...

You wanted me SADDER!
It's a cost of living crisis babes, even the very famous need a side hustle now and then

I think we should not call the popstars we discuss bitches or cunts to be honest - especially obvious sweethearts like Lana

Babes, I am clearly joking. But it's so on-brand for her to block anything that might bring her some mainstream success and it gives me life :disco:
She performed a cover of โ€œStand by Your Manโ€ during her show in Arkansas. Her vocals are great and make me (slightly) yearn for a country album from her.

Sheโ€™s also been incorporating โ€œHope is a dangerous thingโ€ฆโ€ in the last few shows for the first time.
Seeing her in a WEEK exactly :disco:

I can't cope with her tinkering with the setlist for every show, pipe down woman.
It could use an overhaul though. I like/love almost everything on the set list but she could swap in something new for the millionth performances of โ€œBartenderโ€, โ€œDiet Mountain Dewโ€, โ€œPretty When You Cryโ€ and โ€œCherryโ€ that no one asked for. She FINALLY scrapped โ€œWhite Mustangโ€.
I wish she had the balls to shoe in National Anthem somewhere too, I dunno why she keeps rehearsing it for every show (According to setlistFM) but it's the one that's left out due to time constraints.

I doubt it'll happen here, dear Miss Lana BARELY speaks Spanish so I don't expect her to be very chatty :tongue:
Itโ€™s particularly true as she hasnโ€™t toured until now for the last three albums. Give us Yosemite, Dance till we Die, Black Bathing Suit, Dealer etc
I have a slight feeling DYKโ€ฆ/A&W may give her a first Grammy win next year. Taylor may interfere with that, unless they have the sense to submit her for the Alternative categories.
Sheโ€™s never won a Grammy?? :o

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