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Why are they so many people into Bolsonaro? What's the play with him? I don't see ANY upside. Yeah maybe in a first term - populists always run on empty promises playing to fear and frustration. But since he hasn't actually delivered anything...

Mind you I could say the same for those who voted Boris in in 2020. The world is full of gullible morons.
That’s good. This is the sort of thread that always causes a mild sense of dread when I see that a new post has been made. It’s a bit like the ‘Kier Starmer Years’ thread in that respect.


Is it to balance those left-wing preferences, that he's letting right-wing nuts and racists back in? :goodgrief:
Quite a few comments online about them needing to fight the COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP :confused:

Apparently it's only democracy when the far-right wins.

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