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Just wondering @Lucille, is this the appropriate thread for my childhood trauma?
Yes although it’s much more fulfilling to hi-jack a thread with potential than one already on its knees.
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I'm still not ready to pull the plug on this thread's life support :)

Tate has a new song out this week which I haven't yet decided whether to be too bothered about, but she's all i wanna be inches up to a new peak in its stubborn chart run:


Beefed up live not live performance:

album out NOW!

she's all I wanna be is really hitting the spot right now, finally. what would you do? is pretty good too and the new single is don't come back, which samples Nelly
I haven't listened properly to the album but I think she's all i wanna be is well ahead of everything else, though I do like what would you do? as well. On the slower stuff I am generally not so keen on her voice.

The what would you do? video is another one with minimal, very subtle product placement:

I think they should make more of her dancing, those shots are great.
It’s a damn sight better than that trash “uh oh” that was made for TikTok and she tried for months to force it to go viral.
I like her a lot but I feel this song is really boring. nothing about it is sticking. for something only 2:11 (!) it also feels a good 3+ minutes. it's kind of a drag.
album Think Later out in 4 weeks.

on tour in UK/EU/US/AU next summer

and she's the musical guest on SNL next week.

now THIS is a big pop girl rollout!
wtf, a proper world tour when others have done less with a bigger career? What the hell is she going to sing other than Greedy and 10:35?
Good on her I guess.

Wellington is a rather odd place for someone this early in their career to be doing such a show, but if she can sell it then more power to her.
It's so Britney it's painful. If this had come out in 2005, it would have bombed. The production is decent until the heavy rawk geetar come in and spoils it. Just as well this isn't aimed at grumps in their 50s.

I'm not holding my breath for anything she's all i wanna be-esque on the album.
She's shit, isn't she?

It all seems very "we'll take what we can get". I blame older, seasoned performers for losing interest, it seems like everyone would rather launch a beauty/skincare brand than record new music. I don't think anyone can make a decent living anymore :angry:
honestly when it comes to artists like Tate I’m just immediately put off because they totally feed into this TikTok mentality where songs need to be no longer than 2:40 and are void of classic pop sensibilities like key changes, middle 8s or even a DOUBLE LOOPED chorus at the end.

Times have changed!

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