What face mask do you wear?

I lost some of my masks :(

I bought a pack old Reebok ones though that although are a bit plain Jane are the comfiest ones I’ve had so far
Anyone else get MASK ACNE? It's really affecting my chin :shy:

I noticed my skin was getting bad from them, but I started using toner and it helped? This might be very basic, but it helped me.
I just steal all mine from work, just blue and white surgical ones. We are limited to ordering 1 box a day. So when a box comes in I take a couple.
Reusable cloth ones unless required to wear a blue surgical one (our local hospital insists on them). I honestly feel like the surgical ones do LESS to protect people because they're so loose and baggy.

Got the things all over the place, one in side pants pocket, several spares at home, one in the car, one in my jacket, one on the work desk. "Oops forgot to put it on before going to the canteen, good job I have this other one in my pocket"

I have a novelty furry wolf muzzle mask but it's single layer so only really suitable outdoors as a gesture / to put smiles on faces, and stopped using it when I decided it best to stop drawing attention for various reasons
Most of the time I don't wear masks cause I live in the countryside and rarely see any people at all.
When I go for groceries in the nearest town am wearing two masks, a cloth one upon a surgical one.
I have a variety of face masks, although I have to swap to standard NHS disposable ones for work.

My favourite one is a pale blue with red flowers on it. The looks I get from older men wearing it are an absolute joy.
I like the Hygge bandana type things - you can usually get offers like buy 1 get 3 free
Anyone got any nice new ones for this NEW ROUND?
My current mask wardrobe. Though really it's just the 🍆 one unless it's in the wash.

I'm beginning to take to the disposable ones to be honest! There's something understated, and really quite SWISH about them.
The proper disposable surgical ones work properly as well!
I must have about twelve of them lying around but always seem to misplace them so end up buying packs of disposables or just stealing some from school.

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