Women of R&B 2023


Oct 27, 2007
who are you guys into lately? I feel like R&B is still having a bit of a moment and there are some really promising artists coming through

Tinashe released last week to muted response, but the album is pretty good. maybe not on the level of Songs for You. SZA is always amazing but album-allergic.

Mahalia is drip feeding good stuff all the time. Kali Uchis' last album leaned more into R&B with lots of other influences. Kiana Lede and Kehlani are occasionally interesting but patchy

I like this one from last year

Jorja Smith has a lovely voice but her cover of Rose Rouge is more interesting than her recent solo stuff for me. I love Damage and Hard Place by H.E.R. but some of her material feels a bit beige.

I need to investigate Charlotte Day Wilson more... her vocal on that Kaytranada track is everything.

discuss please @Beryl @funky @FetchFugly @Suedey @Pipo
the Chloe x Halle album didn't have the longest shelf life but they are clearly insanely talented.

Normani is very promising - Wild Side is all kinds of :disco:
I love Experience and Jaguar still when it comes to Victoria. played Coastin' once and liked it but I don't know how much she grabs me as an artiste...
I love Experience and Jaguar still when it comes to Victoria. played Coastin' once and liked it but I don't know how much she grabs me as an artiste...
Experience and Dive have remained in rotation for me since they came out. I listened to the album a few times but not consistently. A bit like Tinashe. I’ve played the new album a few times and I like it but I think within another week or so I’d not go back to it bar a couple tracks.
About Time is so smooooth. but so short!

I actually have never listened to Justine Skye before. In My Bag is like a more upbeat Read My Lips by Ciara. is she associated with Timbaland or just bringing back the early 00s?
He produced her album, they worked together during lockdown but have/had never met
Am looking forward to the Nao album, her voice seems to have matured a bit, and I prefer it. Loving this

Nao has a really distinct voice that I don't know if I need a whole album of, but I was cherry picking through the Saturn album from a couple of years back this week - I love this one

I really like Undo as the big pop moment on the Tinashe album. The Chase too.

JONES' output feels very stop start, but Giving It Up from last year was great and her recent single has slightly more of a jazzy vibe:

it grooves along very nicely for about 3:30 and then hits this huge peak in the middle 8. her vox!!! and then the electric guitar comes in... it's all too much! :disco:

easily her best since Mixer.
Is anyone familiar with a girl called Sevyn Streeter? A little basic, but she released an album back in September called "Drunken Wordz" and I'm loving it.
another excellent Amber Mark single out today

she's on a roll. love this.

someone should tell her there's a big butterfly on her face though
I don't know who she is but this is fantastic.

this one's good too, I'll have to dive into the album

this and her track with Jorja Smith are both quite good.
Oh yes, been listening to these new ones too as they came up on release radar
I heard What It Is this morning and was going to post about it but forgot. But I see it’s already been posted. Very excited for the album now!
I just bought tickets to see her tour in March!

Album out tomorrow :disco:
There's some REALLY good stuff on this! Need to listen further but definitely Amber up
Foreign Things :disco:

It's all been good so far, but this is the most poppy and immediate so far

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