Women of R&B 2023

I can't place what that reminds me of... Probably the most memorable thing I've ever heard by her though
Fucking love HER… she didn’t pop up on my radar though so I’ll have to check I’m following her!

Will have a listen tonight.

“Hard Place” remains one of my favourite R&B songs of the last 10 years, and if anyone hasn’t yet seen her tribute to Prince performing The Beautiful Ones yet, do yourself a favour. This girl definitely has IT.
I’m very upset at how low their YouTube/Spotify numbers are

I simply cannot RAVE ENOUGH
It's a jam, that's for sure. I wanna be at that party lol Did you see the size of that joint?!
I've been quietly enjoying this new artist this year, and she just dropped an album. "Already Yours" is one of my favourite songs of the year. Fans of the Naked Music neo-soul sounds such as Lisa Shaw and Gaelle will like this.

In the absence of a Men of R&B thread... this whole video is fabulous but MY GOD the rendition of Can We Talk from 13:40 :o:o:disco::disco::disco::horny:

I'm enjoying this... I dismissed the single "Upside Down" as a bit run of the mill but it has got under my skin in a big way - definitely a grower. The album is the usual mix of retro R&B and trend chasing R&B and as always I prefer the former. Best tunes are Upside Down, Ego, High, Pretty and The Way.

Takuta and Solo are the big tunes on there and will appeal to a younger crowd. I prefer her groovy stuff.


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