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Apr 1, 2020
So MOST of you have enjoyed our fantastic entries (enter some tired Lucille joke here) and cocktails (something about Kate’s liver here) and now it’s time to VOTE!

Please use the template below to submit your votes (just to me plz, poor Iggy cant handle numbers):
20 -
18 -
16 -
14 -
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10 -
08 -
07 -
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05 -
04 -
03 -
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01 -

Voting closes at 00:00 on Thursday 9th September, any late votes and I shall have to fetch the whip :disco: Results will be revealed later on that day.

Obviously the usual rules apply (Including not voting for your own song @big ron), and non-participant votes are VERY much welcomed!


Part 1


Part 2



So start voting NOW:
@Dark Carnival
@Gangsta Nancy Lam
@Ill Advised
@Queen of the Bay
@Raining On Me

White Russian - Nyusha - Цунами
Turkish Delight - Göskel - Hiç Yok
Well Greased Dwarf - Windrose - Diggy Diggy Hole
Octopus Martini - Patience - The Pressure
Irn Burns - Geographer - Read My Mind
Suffering Bastard - Cream Soda & Хлеб - Плачу на техно
Greek Mati - Marva Von Theo - Ruins
Bleach Spritzer - Max Barskih - Dance
Lesvian Geisha - Marina Satti - Pali
Flaming Rainbow - Ace Marino, Roniit - Holding My Breath
Scarlett O’Hara - Carina Round - Pick Up The Phone
Horse Jizz - Antony & Cleopatra - Why Don’t You Just Call Me
Mai Tai - Xiu Xiu - A Bottle of Rum
Penicillin - Allie X & Verité - Casanova
Katy’s Top Hen’s Noight - Альянс (Alliance) - На заре (Na Zare)
Earl Gray Caviar Martini - Jennifer Nettles - Unlove You
Aviation - Molly Sanden - Nån annan nu
Blowjob - Sonic Adventure 2 OST - Escape From The City
The Moogarita - Sisters On Wire - Ten Esi Tu
Caipirinha - Joy Crookes - Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Mimosa - Jaded - In The Morning
The Last Dance - Bingoboys - How To Dance
I Can Get Uppers Now - Caterina Eliza - I Can Get Up Now
Lava Flow - Alkistis Protopsalti - Lava
Smoker’s Cough - Achille Lauro - 1990
Prawn Cocktail with Sour Cream Sauce - Molly Nilsson - 1995
Gunpowder Plot - Emma Langford - Free To Fall
Blood of Satan - Mamamoo - Egotistic
Alien Secretion - Manineko - UFOspiro
Svarti Dauði, Black Death of Iceland - Ólafur Arnalds (Geat. JFDR) - Back to the Sky
Nether Regions - Kristian Kaspersen - Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt
Death in the Afternoon - Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu (feat. Chilly Gonzales) - Ride or Die
Aurora Borealis (a.k.a the Northern Lights) - Aurora - Cure for Me
The Violet Vesper - Chita Rivera - Gimme Love
Grasshopper - Tommy Genesis - Peppermint
Suck, Bang & Blow - ONUKA - Vidlik
Sazerac - Eartheater - Below the Clavicle
Espresso Martini - Maine - Sticky
Sochu Mojito - LiSA - Crossing Field
Tom Cruise’s C*m - Haerts - Hemiplegia
Maple Waffle Cocktail - Lara Fabian - Adagio
Blueberry Smash - The Linda Linda’s - Oh!
Strawberry Coquito - Anthony Ramos - Lose My Mind
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How do you want these - artist, title, cocktail or cocktail, artist, title or what?
How do you want these - artist, title, cocktail or cocktail, artist, title or what?
However you want, I have a document with everything in so can work it out. I’ll get round to posting a list on here with everything as well so you’ll be able to just copy + paste from that (unless you’re voting tonight :D)
I have no reason to assume I won't end up in the top ten. Everyone seemed to really dig my song.
Same! I felt like my entry went down well but so did Tout ou Rien and that FLOPPED.
Quick question: does being in or out of London have any effect on scoring?
Holy hell, I've just had a quick snippet skim of heat 1 and it shits the bed and makes heat 2 lie in it. Wow, so many that sound like they could be right up my Straße.

I mean, some not at all of course, but still.

I'm now thinking my heat 2 fave Molly sounds a bit like that song about A Land Down Under.
Any chance of that copy/paste list soon? I'm listening to the Spotify list and I like to whittle as I go :ken:

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