Congratulations Dr. Geru Hallwell

:D that video. It's like a Geru BINGO, just under 3 minutes she manages to shoehorn the Union Jack towel tea dress from the Brits story, "I'm half Spanish because of me mum, youknowwhattamean", her Ginger Spice Barbie doll; even after all these years she does not disappoint.
I think she looks glowing :disco: Does she have to keep this WHITE thing up though? Although here she looks great. Love how she was able to shoe-horn in the TEA TOWEL and 'My mother is Spanish' in though
She got very passion(ate), which seemed to take Whoopie by surprise (in a good way). Aww, good for Dr Geru Horner-Halliwell.
This is important!


It's very telling, Geru and Vicky have been the ones in most US talk shows this year so far and they always play Wannabe when introducing them; it's become bigger than the band at this point and it's so uncomfortable to watch them answer all these Spice questions while grinning regardless of whatever old tat they're hustling.
Why does he keep saying ROLLIE FROST? :D Poor Geru, not the TV host getting the name of the character wrong over and over :disco:
Watched a bit of Fallon. Got up to her reciting his Wikipedia's opening paragraph. Oh Geru.
This woman has ZERO self awareness :D

The scream I let out.

Jimmy Fallon's show workers: This is a TOXIC workplace, we hate it here and Jimmy's awful.

Geru on live TV: Jimmy is one of the BEST human beings I've ever known my whole life and he's a DELIGHT to work with!
I love that her Union Jack tea towel and her Spanish mother who is Spanish have new company in the form of her meditations on the American dream.
She's 51, which means we are 4 years overdue her Hung Up and Confessions of a Half-Spanish Showgirl era.
Unfortunately we're skipping that and Geru will be unleashing her own REVULVA next year

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