Congratulations Dr. Geru Hallwell

She's very Princess Diana meets Jackie Kennedy in that clip. Cosmically their energies are all quite similar
BBC News - Red Bull suspend woman who accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behaviour


ginger spice girl power GIF
There was a dick pic, a nip shot, and many come ons - some of which were batted away with "how would Geri feel?"

Oh. Well I saw the 240p dick pic. If it was unasked for, he should be fired immediately one would have hoped - has the judge never heard the finale of Bag It Up?
Marina Hyde's column about this saga was very funny - this bit about Geri :eyes:

At last weekend’s grand prix, footage emerged of Horner having an intense discussion with the arguably even ghastlier father of his unbeatable driver, world champion Max Verstappen, while his Spice Girl wife private-jetted in to kiss him for the cameras with the 1000-newton jaw clench of a wronged Tory wife.

good lord. Not even a session with Bizzarap involving a MAN-BASHING anthem can help her now :(

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