Doctor Who - 2023 and beyond (THE CHURCH ON RUBY ROAD, Christmas Day 5:55pm on BBC1!)

According to interviews on the BAFTA red carpet he was cast in February, and was the last person to audition - they actually had someone already in mind but he blew them away :o
I mean it was rumoured for AGES but I was honestly at the point of thinking it was a false spoiler that had been thrown out there on purpose.
One of the most loved pairings in Doctor Who’s history have reunited and are filming scenes that are due to air in 2023 to coincide with the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

The Doctor and Donna parted ways when the Doctor had to wipe Donna's memory, making her forget him, in order to save her life. He left her family with a warning: if ever she remembers, she will die. But with the two coming face to face once more, the big question is, just what brings the Doctor and Donna back together?

Russell T Davies, Showrunner says: “They're back! And it looks impossible - first, we announce a new Doctor, and then an old Doctor, along with the wonderful Donna, what on earth is happening? Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback. The only thing I can confirm is that it’s going to be spectacular, as two of our greatest stars reunite for the battle of a lifetime.”

In his last ever episode, David’s critically acclaimed portrayal of the Doctor famously said “I don’t want to go…” Well it seems he - and fans across the globe - have got what they wanted as the iconic duo are on their way back…
My current thinking is that Jodie will start to regenerate in her final episode, SOMETHING will go wrong and suddenly she's Tennant again, we get him as the main Doctor for the 60th anniversary special then Gatwa arrives at the end of that.
I think that something will have gone wrong with time. The Tenth Doctor and Donna are there from an alternate timeline where Journey's End wasn't their last story together and they went on travelling together for a lot longer. The new Doctor will need to get time back on the right track to secure his future, creating conflict with the Tenth and Donna.
David Tennant and Catherine Tate have been photographed filming on location in Camden today as the Doctor and Donna.
OMG Wilf :disco: I had been hoping for that, but since Cribbins is 93(!) assumed it might not be something he'd be able to do now. Glad I was wrong!
Some filming pics are floating around, Tennant appears to be wearing his usual outfit but it's black rather than the brown and blue versions he had previously. He also doesn't appear to have aged, the bastard :D
I was looking at the promo pics of him with Tate yesterday and thought 'oh good, he's finally starting to age'.

Only good in the sense that we were born the exact same day and it pissed me off he didn't seem to be until now :D
Some filming pics are floating around, Tennant appears to be wearing his usual outfit but it's black rather than the brown and blue versions he had previously. He also doesn't appear to have aged, the bastard :D
Quiff or Emo hair?
The link has crashed already! I've not had a chance to read it yet. Is she the new companion?
It's so nice to actually see these kinds of set photos again - the Chibnall era was VERY locked down, to the detriment of the show I think. RTD has always understood how to use stuff like public filming as a tool to help build up hype.
"Life on Doctor Who gets brighter and wilder, how can there be another Rose?" Russell T Davies hinted. "You'll find out in 2023, but it's an absolute joy to welcome Yasmin to the Doctor Who set. We all fell in love with her in Heartstopper, one of those shows which changes the world — and now Yasmin can change the Whoniverse!"
This tracks with the casting call for a mixed-race transfemme actress a couple of months ago. How exciting! I still think she could be Donna's daughter, it just about works if she's playing a couple of years younger than her real age.
Brief video footage today shows shooting of a scnene where David Tennant's Doctor is with Wilf, who is now in a wheelchair. They both look up at the Sky then David rushes to push Wilf away.

The fact that Wilf is in a wheelchair shows that we are not back in series 4 but that time has passed.
Rumours that Matt Lucas has been spotted on set today, which chimes with director Rachel Talalay meeting both him and Peter Capaldi for lunch a couple of weeks ago.
Oh I hope we get some appearances from the post-RTD Doctors, though I do wonder if he feels less comfortable playing with those since he didn't create them. Capaldi popping in with Bill and Nardole would be wonderful, I loved those three together - Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman would also be great (I'm assuming Karen Gillan wouldn't return, since she's arguably now the most successful former Who actor ever :shock:)
Interesting. The story I saw said Rose Tyler and it would make sense (she inhaled the TARDIS, she can probably regenerate) but stories since just say Rose and a lot of rumours about it being Donna's daughter.

But I can't help thinking that catching up with Ace and Tegan gets the Doctor on a guilt trip about not revisiting past companions which causes her to regenerate into Tennant who then sacrifices himself to return Donna's memories and go off to make a better effort of finding Rose or something.
With all the recent news it's easy to forget that there's still an incumbent Doctor with one more episode to go, but this Pride Month image from the official account is quite cute:

I really wish they'd started pushing the Doctor/Yaz pairing earlier than they did, because they work so well together and a bit more overt romance between them would've been lovely. As it is, I'm expecting a declaration of love then for them to be torn apart forever :(

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