Martha Skidd

I’m not that familiar with Ms Skidd but I recall her doing something foul with a banana and chocolate.
MARTHA SKIDD?! Do you know what Martha Skidd's story is? Do you know what she’s known for? She used to let producers stick their cocks in her ass and PEE.
real housewives leave GIF
I suspect some of the Martha haters are just angry as they’re TORTILLA GIRLS.
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He's been blocked for a while. You have to wonder why someone who just posts scatological gifs isn't banned when it's worse than spam. But after the "use the ignore button" recommendation by the admins, I guess it's not a real user but an alias by a popular poster, who must think he's very controversial and cool. No, you're repulsive and shit, cariño.

Moopy, the land of freedom. Next a paedo user posting his collection of favourite pics (remember you have the ignore button).
She’s very much a REAL WOMAN with REAL FEELINGS, have a little RESPECT.
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Well if this shit is the most interesting thing happening here, I'm not missing much. Bye again :)

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