Martha Skidd

Martha Skidd upon seeing her IMPACT

A Google image search for Martha Skidd results in a gravestone for a Leslie Viola BROWN SKIDD :D
I do hope mother is doing chicken tomorrow
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I have NO IDEA which thread it was in, but the moment that Sally Thomsett (accidentally? :eyes: ) MOONLIGHTED on Martha Skidd's account recently was one of the funniest things I've seen on here in a while :D
They could have been using the same computer at the library and poor Martha must have forgotten to log out.
I totally missed this. No matter how natural it is I don’t want to see THAT plastered all over my screen BUT I must say I think OUR MARTH has a certain charm and I do like to see her FLOATING in and out now and again.
This discussion :D

I can’t believe people find something as inoffensive as poor Martha (whom I always assumed was Zu).
:D As I’ve probably previously pointed out, I only have ONE (infamously “distinctive”) posting style. Anything else would be too exhausting
Is there not a wider issue of post NOF content so frequently. If someone started posting XXX CUNT pics in every thread there would be uproar.
Maybe we should start a poll and delete Martha if there’s a majority.

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