The Apprentice (2024)

Artic. Artic. Artic.

Phil flying in the face of the advice on the ingredients was so stupid. Just do as you’re told ffs!!

Amazed Maura survived but really looking forward to her looking even more like a rabbit in the headlights next week as project manager 😂

Foluso taking all the credit for that win when basically they just asked her for exclusivity and she said ‘yes sure’ is funny. Hardly saleswoman of the year.
Phil flying in the face of the advice on the ingredients was so stupid. Just do as you’re told ffs!!

He’d probably sniffed out it was a setup (what isn’t on this show) and would have been met with “15 grams! It’s bloody breakfast cereal for kids in Cheltenham not the bloody cartels in Columbia! It was only bloody guidance and you went and bloody ruined it! Did you not think of tasting it first!”
I mean yes and no. The other team used 15g and whilst they didn't get GLOWING reviews for their cereal, they certainly didn't get the scathing reviews his team did.
I would like to know where Tim’s lovely blue sweatshirt was from though
How the hell is NOOR still here? :D Absolutely useless.

Foluso had a lucky escape there.

As if Sugar is gonna respond to any texts from Virdi. :D
Phil flying in the face of the advice on the ingredients was so stupid. Just do as you’re told ffs!!
I wondered if he thought it was a profit task and they'd be saving money by putting fewer grams in.

Which reminds me from last night, I'm sure it's only in the last few series the contestants have started saying "it's a profit task, it's a profit task" - makes me think someone in production is spelling it out even more clearly than they used to.
Maura on the wine tour after having bigged herself up to do it was something else. It was like watching an unprepared student who hadn't done the research on a project giving a presentation based on 5 minutes scrambling before it. :D

Flo and to a lesser degree Steve really carried their team on that task.
The fact they didn't bother with a Final boardroom really says it all at how poorly she performed in the task and just couldn't take accountability.
She was just appalling. I don't think she could have saved herself no matter what she said or did, but if I'd been her I'd have said 'yeah, I missed the mark' and gone in on Foluso and Phil for that logo instead of moaning about Tre when he was so clearly in the right.
Thank fuck for that. She seriously got on my tits last week not even knowing what fucking city she was in. :rolleyes:

Shopping channel next week! :disco:
What are Phil and Flo thinking with dropping these prices so quickly and so much?! :D

Although Raj is incrediously stumbling badly at presenting and selling of these products! :D
Phil's on his 9th loss in a row now then. :D That must be a record? Surely he's a goner after not taking much initiative in that task?
Sugar must really have a boner for Phil's business plan. I don't think he was necessarily responsible for the loss - he just wasn't responsible for ANYTHING
Agree, same thing with the Budapest ticket sales task where he did NOTHING but got by just by cause Virdi and Foluso were more responsible for the loss.
He gets rid of people in the early weeks because he thinks they are keeping their head down - so why is he keeping Phil now when it's so obvious and others are calling him out for it?

I really don't see why he's keeping someone who's a perpetual loser and can't point to any positives he's bringing.
Although I will say the fact that Paul was so convinced that the two women would go over Phil may speak to something.
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And interestingly Raj on You're Fired did just say they concentrated on Phil's positives in the boardroom - did we see that?
Thank FUCK Maura is gone. She has a fraction of the charisma and personality she (and everyone else, apparently) thinks she does and overcompensates as a result. Just a dreadful, unbearable person to have tolerated for this long and her shitness hasn't even made good television.
Raj had 8 wins before this episode, and although she was PM, it wasn't a catastrophic result like it has been sometimes. It makes no sense to me!
Sugar fired Maura for shouting. He fired Raj for not stopping her shouting.

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