The Apprentice (2024)

So is it Phil vs Rachel? Phil surely the least successful candidate ever to make the final? Rachel has to win?
I think Phil will win due to the fact they literally have dragged him to the final.
For PR reasons I reckon they'll go for the fitness business over the pies.
I actually really like him and if I were just interviewing them and nothing else I'd employ him over most of them for a job, but he's been absolutely useless at the gameshow that is The Apprentice.
Oh yeah they can’t use the brand they’ve already built so back to some nice clip art instead.
A metaverse? What percentage of the population does that resonate with?
Prestige Pies is a shit name. I wouldn't buy one.

Not that Studio Build is any better. I just have no intention of ever setting foot in a gym.
Oh Karren, I've tapped FAR WORSE than that into google
If he gives it to Phil on the understanding that it isnt an online business, I'll be VERY PISSED OFF

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