The Gilded Age (New Julian Fellows HBO Drama)

Thank God for that ending! I was getting really bored, the characters are so basic and two dimensional and the intrigues are not really working. I don’t care about alarm clocks and Opera wars.
Loved that this episode had a lot of scenes featuring my favourite supporting character - PUMPKIN :disco:
I can’t believe that they found a man as dull as Marion to pair her with. Together they can bore everyone into submission.
Was the sloppy drunk Morgan a tribute to Sonja?

new york sonja GIF by Slice
How long has it been since season 1? 6 months? In which time Larry Russell has trained to be an architect and slut servant has MARRIED into high society!
Please BIN the storyline where the twink servant inevitably invents a clock though! ROTTEN!

Really as if Marion and Miss Scott weren’t horrible enough for being too nice and unbearable; we have to endure those sweet and innocent servants too. If the twink doesn’t end up getting fisted by Oscar then I don’t want to see more of him.
I am a little concerned by the sheer amount of things ACTUALLY HAPPENING. The maid showing up was quite the twist considering the major cliffhanger of season 1 was Mrs Russell leaving a house via the Servant’s door.
I mean the whole thing with the gay son romancing the Russell daughter was sorted within one episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if the maid is run over by the end of next episode.
More new names chucked in at the Casino! I’ve just figured out Aurora (cousin!) and Mrs. Astor aren’t the same person!
Gagged at BERTHA’S Newport home being next door to the wasp easter who’s had quite the remarkable trajectory wouldn’t you say Mr. Russell?

Welcome to America indeed

I am here for the wasp eater and her shade. I hope that’s not the end of that storyline :(
I thought (and was hoping) they were going to cast Oscar Wilde as some kind of SeanCody looking jock for the lols
Now that Big Brother is over I have found time to catch up with this.

Loving Mrs Russell simultaneously going to war with the FORMER HELP and taking care of the MERRY WIDOW

Agnes having a big strop over Ada tentatively getting something of a life. The (justified) rage at the bee and that impertinent alarm clock :D
Why are they still wasting valuable time on that silly alarm clock? They really need to make the servants more interesting.

Why did Oscar recognize the wasp face (or whatever you guys call her)? I don’t remember anything happened between them?
Just finished episode 3, but did that episode really dramatically finish on Aunt Cynthia Nixon looking at WATERCOLOURS?

Who knew watercolours would have such a stranglehold on every plot line this season!

I suppose if that’s not thrilling enough the servant boy is still fiddling with a clock.
Ugh this episode was amazing, and back to the gay gag endings I see! Mrs Winterton/Ms Turner/Waspface having a cartoon temper tantrum over being snubbed by the duke while we also casually find out her first name is ENID at the same time is absolutely everything I want from this show.
They briefly schemed together in the first series when he was trying to get in with Gladys, but she was promptly sacked after the nude in the bed seduction attempt :(

That does sound familiar now.

Side note: ”schemed together” sounds so fabulous and evil. :D
BERTHA AND ENID giving side eye over dinner was fabulous.

Sorry but who is Oscar’s muse? Who is her dad?

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